23 Nov 2023  |   06:37am IST

The Vasco cylinder blast double death case has more than a whiff of foul play emerging

Forensic and police team that conducted another scene of crime inspection found that the cylinder in the ‘cylinder blast’ is intact, the gas regulator looked completely untouched by the flames of the blast. A look at the kitchen area didn’t show any signs of even a minor accident
The Vasco cylinder blast double death case has more than a whiff of foul play emerging

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MARGAO: The accidental death of the mother and pregnant daughter in the cylinder blast smacks of a conspiracy after several pieces of evidence now points to a homicidal angle in the entire incident.

The brother of the deceased married lady, who works for the Madhya Pradesh police has filed a complaint suspecting that these are not accidental deaths but homicides.

A ‘blast’ that occurred on November 18 at New Vaddem in Vasco suspected due to domestic cylinder leakage claimed the lives of Shivani Rajawat and her mother Jaidevi. The incident was initially attended as a cylinder blast. However, some photographic evidence suggests otherwise a conspiracy angle to the entire matter. Shivani’s husband works for the Navy and the couple lived in Vasco, close to the naval base in Goa.

A scene of crime reinvestigation after the post-mortem was conducted revealed the following. The cylinder is intact. The gas regulator looked completely untouched by the flames of the blast. A look at the kitchen area showed that the room looks nearly pristine and nothing close to a room that looks after a high-intensity blast.

Sources very close to the investigation have informed that there have been major fundamental lapses on the part of police in the initial investigation of the case, the police were very quick to conclude that the deaths occurred due to the cylinder blast.

The brother of Shivani, who works for the Madhya Pradesh police, says that there have been long-standing family issues in the Rajawat family and that this incident is not an accidental death, but smacks of a homicidal conspiracy. While final rites of the deceased mother have been completed, the body of Shivani still remains in the morgue, with the forensics team unwilling to release it as this stage.

The Sub Divisional Magistrate of Mormugao, Pratik Karmali has informed that he has conducted the inquest panchanama. However, even 24 hours after a homicidal complaint by a family member, the officer is yet to record statements in the matter. It is also noteworthy that according to the complainant’s brother Shubham Chauhan, a lot of evidence may have been already destroyed due to negligence and the time elapsed. 

The Superintendent of Police, South Goa, Abhishek Dhania said that he is awaiting the report from SDM. Statements of the suspects and the complainants have still not been recorded ever after 24 hours of the serious complaint by the brother of the deceased.

‘Blast engineered to look like an LPG cylinder accident’

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MARGAO: The brother of deceased Shivani Rajawat has alleged that the death of his sister and mother is not an accidental death. He has alleged that this is either pre-planned or a blast by being done in a manner in which it looks like a blast due to LPG cylinder. I am not blaming someone specific because there may be someone involved who we are not thinking or doubting of. 

Shubham Singh Chauhan who is a serving cop in the Madhya Pradesh Police while speaking to O Heraldo said that the police have botched up the investigation from the beginning. 

 While speaking of the past incidents he informed that Shivani Rajawat married in February 2022. Family of Shivani paid more than Rs. 12 lakhs plus appliances in dowry but the problems from family continued.

“Recently, Shivani complained of her husband being involved with two girls which I interfered and tried to stop. However, the problems began after Shivani was pregnant and was having troubles at home.” 

“Our Mother (Shivani & Shubham’s) wanted pregnant Shivani to come to Morena, her maternal home. But her in-laws wanted her to go to Gwalior at her husband’s native place. There were lots of arguments between both the families over this. The family of Shivani’s husband and his family wanted my mother to go away from Goa, after which the incident happened,” he said. 

Shubham explained that the police who reached first at the spot should have called the FSL team to collect necessary evidence. They should not have allowed anyone else to enter the spot of crime. The police have acted in a manner that destroy evidences. After I wrote to SDM the FSL team was sent after two days later,” he explained.  

“I had only four members in my family, of which two have died in this incident and I will insist of CBI inquiry and take it up to Supreme Court if need,” he said. 


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