04 Mar 2024  |   07:36am IST

Those who left footprints in the sand for Goan enterprise to follow

Legacy of Excellence: O Heraldo pays a posthumous tribute to Goa’s visionary business leaders
Those who left footprints in the sand for Goan enterprise to follow

O Heraldo posthumously honoured visionary leaders whose legacy of excellence continues to inspire industries and communities. Through their leadership, they cultivated a culture of professionalism, leaving behind organisations that serve as models of progress. Their impact extends beyond Goa, inspiring generations with their vision and dedication and their contributions are celebrated as a roadmap for future leaders. 

Late Victor Albuquerque’s legacy is marked by his innovative initiatives in hospitality, engineering, healthcare and real estate sectors. His contributions have not only helped to jettison Goa’s tourism industry, but also cemented its position on the global tourism map. Supported by his wife Sylvia and sons Vinay and Varun, late Victor played a pivotal role in driving Goa’s economic growth, leaving behind an inspiring legacy.

Similarly, the late Ivo Da Costa Azaredo, fondly known as Bebe, demonstrated exceptional acumen, successfully diversifying the Costa's Group into new business pastures such as real estate, construction and food processing. His strategy, industry and unparalleled commitment propelled the Costa’s Group to new heights, with its products representing quality and tradition synonymous with Goa.

The late Vincent Ramos, with his visionary leadership, made significant contributions to the country’s most venerated hotel and resort chain, the Indian Hotels Company Limited, in Goa. His proud Goan heritage and commitment to excellence shaped Goa’s tourism landscape, earning global recognition. The late Ramos’ innovative strategies and pursuit of perfection have also set the standard for hospitality in Goa.

Together, these business icons of Goa have inspired countless individuals to strive for excellence in their respective fields. As Goa continues to grow and age, the contributions of these visionaries, Victor Albuquerque, Bebe Azaredo and Vincent Ramos, will be remembered and celebrated for generations to come.


Idhar Udhar