10 Jul 2024  |   07:20am IST

Tiatr Academy of Goa, a ship without captain and sailors

Academy without president & panel for almost a year; leadership vacuum has stalled efforts to develop tiatr; file for appointing president and committee members awaits Chief Minister’s approval

Team Herald

MARGAO: The Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG) has been without a president and committee for almost a year, hindering the implementation of several crucial schemes and resolutions. 

The leadership vacuum has stalled the academy’s efforts to promote and develop tiatr, a significant cultural art form in Goa. The absence of a governing body has caused uncertainty and hindered decision-making processes essential for advancing tiatr within the community and academic sectors.

The file for appointing President and other committee members for the TAG awaits approval from the Chief Minister.

According to former President of TAG, Menino de Bandar, the term of the previous body ended in October 2023. Subsequently, the responsibility was handed over to Sagun Velip, Director of Art and Culture. 

 Menino informed that he had requested an extension until the new committee could be appointed, but his proposal was rejected by the government.  

“Except for a few small programmes, all the major ones are on hold as there is no decision-making governing body at the TAG ,” he said. “There were several major proposals passed by the outgoing general body that require urgent follow-up,” he added.

He said that the implementation of several schemes has been pending for the last nine months due to the absence of a decision-making council.

Pascoal de Chicalim, a tiatrist, said that it has been nearly a year since the TAG is operating without a president and committee members from the tiatr fraternity.

“TAG has become like a ship without a captain and dedicated sailors. This situation has severely impacted all activities of the academy, with no major decisions being made and regular activities not being conducted, apart from one or two programmes,:” he said.

He lamented that all activities have come to a grinding halt at the TAG. For the first time in many years, a popular tiatr festival was not conducted, which both tiatrists and audiences were eagerly anticipating.

“Looks like the government is intend on dismantling the academy by delaying the appointment of new committee members and high posts. Currently, no tiatrist is leading the affairs, and there’s a lack of organisation in highlighting tiatr activities. I hope the government takes heed and promptly selects a committee for the betterment of tiatrs,” he urged.

When contacted, Director of Art and Culture Sagun Velip said that the process with regards to the appointment of president and new committee members has started. Currently Velip is the officiating president of TAG.


Idhar Udhar