Herald: Till Goa Dairy makes profit, don’t implement 7th Pay, farmers tell govt

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Till Goa Dairy makes profit, don’t implement 7th Pay, farmers tell govt

15 Mar 2019 05:18am IST
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15 Mar 2019 05:18am IST

Team Herald

PONDA: Claiming that Goa Dairy is going through financial crisis, the chairmen of societies supplying milk to Goa Dairy urged the government not to implement the Seventh Pay scale for Goa Dairy employees as it would be “major financial burden” on the milk producer. 

Addressing the media here, Vikas Prabhu, the chairman of Bethora Society, said when the farmers launched a major agitation to weed out corruption prevailing in Goa Dairy, they faced pouring rains and scourging sun, but none of the employees came out to support the agitating farmers nor did they show any sympathy towards them. 

“Till Goa Dairy makes profit, the Seventh Pay scale should not be implemented for the employees,” Prabhu said.

He said that the agitation launched eight months ago was successful in removing the corrupt people from the Goa Dairy; and the Board is also dissolved. 

“Though corruption ended after suspension of the corrupt officials, there is no major improvement in the Administration of the Goa Dairy,” he alleged. 

He demanded that the inquiry against the suspended officials be completed as early as possible. “Further, the election for the Goa Dairy Board should be held as early as possible, so that, the Goa Dairy is run democratically. Currently, it is managed by the Administrator and the experience is that Government Administrator often fails to manage cooperative sector successfully,” he said.

He complained that despite opposition from farmers, the Goa Dairy management hiked the cattle-feed rates by Rs 2.50 per kg; since then, the loss making Goa Dairy cattle-feed plant is now in profit. 

“The farmers have to get benefit of it. Hence, now the Goa Dairy should pay support price to farmers which it has not been paying since last two years,” he said. 

Prabhu opined that with the hike in cattle-feed price, Goa Dairy is expected to earn a profit of Rs 2 crore -- after deducting all expenses, salaries and cost on milk production. “This Rs 2 crore should be distributed to farmers as they were not paid support price by Goa Dairy since past two year,” he demanded. 

He also demanded payment of 50 paise on every litre to milk collecting societies for their smooth administration.
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