26 Mar 2023  |   06:00am IST

Two-wheelers, a pain at Vasco bus stand

Illegally parked bikes hamper movement of buses; create chaos and confusion
Two-wheelers, a pain at Vasco bus stand

Team Herald

VASCO: Two-wheelers parked at the Vasco KTC bus stand cause inconvenience to the buses arriving here and bus owners have demanded that the Corporation either arrange the parking space here or to completely ban parking.

Many office goers park their two-wheelers at the bus stand and then travel by buses. The bikes which are parked in the morning remain there till evening.  Bike owners used to park their vehicles earlier as well but since the bus stand was full of potholes, buses would navigate the space carefully. However, after the initiative taken by MLA Daji Salkar, the roads on the bus stand were repaired with the hot-mixing.

A few years back, the free space at the bus stand was used for parking by motorists, however, there has been no space left for the private vehicles after construction work began.

“I will inform senior officials about this and erect no parking sign boards to prevent the illegal parking. If the situation continues to persist, then the violators will be penalised with the cooperation from traffic police,” said assistant-cum-manager Kishor Shirodkar.


Idhar Udhar