Herald: Vaddem lake belongs to Church: Parish body
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Vaddem lake belongs to Church: Parish body

13 Jan 2019 05:25am IST
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13 Jan 2019 05:25am IST

Says Fabrica opposed to installing any idol at its property

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VASCO: Reacting to the demand for a statue of a Hindu god at Vaddem Lake, the Fabrica da Igreja de Vasco has said that it has to be consulted regarding any development at the lake hereon.

The Attorney of the Fabrica and the Parish Priest has opposed the ideas of having any additional statue at the lake claiming that they own the 5,000 sq mts water body and its periphery.

The Fabrica da Igreja de Vasco (St Andrew’s Church) in a statement said that they own the lake spread over 5000 sq mts at Vaddem, and that they are in absolute possession of the water body.

“Any decision taken in connection with its development has to be taken in consultation with the church body,” Fabrica President Apricio Pereira said in the statement.

Further, he said that such statements are aimed at hampering the communal harmony in the area.

“It must be noted here that since the lake was getting polluted with garbage and sewage being dumped, the Parish Priest in 2012 approached the Mormugao Municipal Council with a request to clean the lake. Due to paucity of funds, the MMC requested the Goa State Urban Development Agency (GSUDA) to clean the lake,” the Fabrica president stated.

Meanwhile, the local residents of the area also approached the local MLA and Panchayat Minister Mauvin Godinho to get the lake cleaned. Accordingly, the Minister took the initiative and decided to clean and beautify the lake through GSUDA.

“The ownership of the lake with the surrounding open area belongs to the Fabrica da Igreja de Vasco (St Andrew’s Church), and shall continue to do so and as such the Fabrica requested the Mormugao Municipal Council that the maintenance of the lake and its surroundings be entrusted to the Fabrica and not other organization,” Pereira said in the statement. 

The entire infrastructure for the beautification of the lake has also been developed in the property of Fabrica da Igreja de Vasco, he said and added that the Fabrica, therefore, wishes to maintain the lake on a regular basis at its own cost.

He said that the Fabrica would ensure that the lake which is adjacent to the college constructed by the Fabrica is maintained in a proper manner conducive to the atmosphere of an educational institution.

Parish Priest Fr Gabriel Coutiho said “We are opposed to the idea of having any idol at the property which is of the Church. We already allow immersion of Ganesh in the lake and it has been going on in full harmony for all these years.”

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