Herald: Vijai rips into Cong on 16B criticism

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Vijai rips into Cong on 16B criticism

30 Nov 2018 05:56am IST
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30 Nov 2018 05:56am IST

Referring to Congress spokesperson Tulio de Sousa’s comments that entire Goa is for sale, TCP Minister Vijai Sardesai asked, “Does Tulio not know that individual conversions were done right from his father-in-law’s days?”

“Tulio is son-in-law of Dr Wilfred de Souza. When he was CM and chairman of Town Planning Board in the 67th board meeting on 4/11/93 he approved 16 individual cases and subsequently in 68th meet on 22/7/94 he cleared 21 cases,” Sardesai said. 

He said Dr Willy himself approved 37 individual cases for zoning change. “Why is Tulio suddenly shocked. Where was he then?” Sardesai asked.

Further, Sardesai said that during Dr Willy’s time the government did not earn anything as there was no fee. “If anybody benefited personally I do not know. We have put a fee when someone converts 1 lakh sq meter, Rs 2 cr comes in the government treasury, which was earlier going in politicians’ pockets,” he stated adding, “This is the difference between the Congress and our government.”

He added that in the Regional Plan 2021, some 7 cr sq meter of Goan people’s land, which was in settlement zone in 2001, was changed to orchard or no development zone and on the contrary 11 cr sq mts land of Delhiwalas was been converted to settlement.

“To give justice to Goans who lost 7 cr sq meters of land we have brought 16B amendment,” he said adding, “Should these people not get justice? Is the Congress playing politics taking the side of Delhiwalas as the land converted to settlement was of outside builders?”

He added that Congress should announce whether they are against conversion of land of religious and educational institutions. “In the past some Congress leaders themselves bought lands, converted, developed and sold. Now they are only threatening to go to court but who is stopping them?” he asked.

Sardesai also said that the Congress organisation speaks in a different tone and the legislative wing says something else.

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