20 Jan 2018  |   06:01am IST

Vodafone mobile tower catches fire in Ribandar

Vodafone mobile tower catches fire in Ribandar

Team Herald

PANJIM: A mobile phone tower in Ribandar caught fire on Friday evening causing losses to Airtel and Vodafone that were using it on a shared basis.

The fire, which began at around 4.30 pm was brought under control at around 7.05 pm by two fire tenders of the Fire and Emergency Services.

According to Fire and Emergency Services personnel that reached there saw the mobile tower engulfed in fire and so also dry grass below it. Since the fire was spreading rapidly the fire fighters sought reinforcements but the fire was brought under control and reinforcements were held back.

“The PCR received the call at around 4.43 pm and two fire tenders rushed the spot and the fire was controlled at 7.05 pm. The reason for fire is not known, it can also be that someone had lit fire to the grass which then engulfed the entire tower,” FES Sub-officer Naresh Borkar said.

Sources claimed it was a manmade disaster. “Some municipal works who were cleaning garbage in the surrounding areas gathered it close to tower and lit fire to it. The fibre cable of the tower then caught fire and later it engulfed the entire tower,” sources revealed

Authorities said further investigation is on.