11 Jul 2024  |   06:49am IST

Wall collapse worsens cracks, causes damage to Bethora-Borim highway

Wall collapse worsens cracks, causes damage to  Bethora-Borim highway

Team Herald

PONDA: The condition of the Bethora-Borim road has significantly deteriorated at the site of the collapsed retaining wall at Mhalshem-Curti. Cracks are now visible on the tarred surface of the road, raising concerns about its safety and stability.

Workers involved in the highway widening project have attempted to mitigate further damage by using plastic covers to protect the already weakened land near the collapsed portion. To ensure the safety of traffic, a 100-metre-long section of the road at the collapse site has been barricaded.

The contractor’s workers attribute the collapse to trenches dug for power cabling and gas lines, which led to water stagnation at the landfilled site of the road.

The situation worsened on Tuesday, when a 100-metre-long retaining wall at the landfilled site collapsed. The road widening project relies heavily on landfilling, but locals believe the lack of a proper drainage system is the primary cause of the wall’s collapse. They point out that hillside water is seeping into the landfilled road, compromising its integrity.

Residents have suggested the construction of an adequate gutter system to properly drain water from the hillside, which would prevent further damage to the landfilled section of the road.


Idhar Udhar