Herald: Water supply to Sulabh toilet disconnected

Water supply to Sulabh toilet disconnected

12 Jan 2019 05:07am IST
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12 Jan 2019 05:07am IST

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MARGAO: The Margao Municipal Council has disconnected water supply to the Sulabh toilet operating in the MMC garden on grounds that it has polluted the water of the MMC well in the garden which is emitting a very foul smell and directed that all 27 toilets maintained by Sulabh in Margao be connected to the sewerage network.

Sulabh officials called on the MMC Chairperson Dr Babita Prabhudessai on Friday to plead for reconnection of water on grounds that many people are using the toilet and they would be inconvenienced.

Admitting that people would face problem, Dr Babita, however, insisted that Sulabh has to get its act together and directed them to clean up the septic tank and also obtain separate water connection.

MMC has directed Sulabh to get all the 27 toilets connected to sewerage network for which it is mandatory for them to take individual water connection. “I have given Sulabh till the end of February to take the water connections; otherwise, we shall go ahead and disconnect the water connections to the toilets,” Dr Babita said.

She pointed out that the MMC was paying quite a huge amount was water bills for the toilets maintained by Sulabh and wondered why the MMC should suffer for their misdeeds given the fact that old municipal well in the garden is now polluted.

She disclosed that the well has been treated with bleaching powder today and on Sunday a sample will be given for testing to the Pollution Control Board and also a private laboratory. 

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