19 Mar 2023  |   06:36am IST

With no potable water, quality food, 20 trainee constables take ill at Delhi Police Academy

Most forced to take leave; some of them taken to the Rao Tularam Memorial Hospital for treatment; photographs on social media reveal the pathetic facilities in which the trainees have been staying
With no potable water, quality food, 20 trainee constables take ill at Delhi Police Academy

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PANJIM: The Goa Police has been caught on the wrong foot yet again with several trainee constables at the Delhi Police Academy falling sick due to lack of potable water and quality food.

Of the 500 recruits, nearly 20 trainees, who have been sent to Delhi for training, fell sick due to the lack of proper facilities.

The newly-recruited constables were sent to Delhi for training some days ago. 

As soon as the training commenced, the constables were faced with problems on account of lack of food and potable drinking water and several of them started falling sick as most of them were forced to take leave.

The news of the plight of the constables was published by a section of the Press and following protests by the trainees IGP Omvir Singh Bishnoi visited them and met the heads of the academy to resolve the issue.

Academy sources informed that almost 20 trainees fell sick due to various factors. Some were taken to the Rao Tularam Memorial Hospital for treatment. Photographs posted on social media revealed the pathetic facilities in which the trainees have been staying.

DGP Jaspal Singh has said that there are problems in acclimatisation when one goes out of homely environment to regimental life.

IGP after speaking to the Delhi Police authorities has convinced them to provide food that suits the trainees at least twice a week.


Digest this: DGP says constables falling sick due to ‘change in diet’

PANJIM: Stating that the situation of the trainee constables in Delhi has been brought under control, Director General of Police (DGP) Jaspal Singh clarified that there are no incidents of food poisoning. He said that because of a change in diet the trainees have been falling sick.

A section of print media had reported that most of the 500 trainee constables, who have gone for police training to Delhi Police Academy (PTC), have fallen ill due to food poisoning and are battling with lack of basic facilities at the training centre. Following reports, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Omvir Singh Bishnoi visited the Police Training Centre in Delhi.

The IGP took stock of the situation.

DGP Singh has clarified that the first and second week are usually tough during training. “There was no food poisoning. When one is on a particular diet and if the diet is changed there is a problem in digestion. That problem has been sorted out after speaking to the heads of the centre. The trainees will be given non-veg food twice a week,” he said.

Speaking on the lack of facilities at the training centre, DGP said, “As far as facilities at the centre are concerned, I have been in charge of the centre and have trained over 10,000 new recruits without a single complaint and I can assure that the facilities are up to mark,” he said.

The DGP said, “Regimental training is usually tough. We are not producing clerks; they are going to be a police force that will face any kinds of dangers in the future.”


Goa’s lone Police Training School in Valpoi has reached its saturation point
PANJIM: With the Police Training School (PTS) in Valpoi reaching its maximum capacity of 500, the newly recruited constables were sent to Delhi for training.
PTS has already undertaken training of almost 600 constables and Home Guards, a large number of constables have been sent to Delhi for training.
The Director General of Police (DGP) Jaspal Singh informed that the department had written to Karnataka, Maharashtra and Delhi for hosting the training of the constables. After the request was refused by Karnataka and Maharashtra, the Delhi Police Academy (PTC) accepted the request.
As far as PTS is concerned, half of the 950 recruited constables i.e. 500 constables are being trained here. Another 110 Home Guards are also being trained in PTS at present, which has exceeded the capacity of the lone police training institute in Goa.
Some officials of Goa Police informed that the recruitment of police in the past never exceeded batches of 250 or 300, which the PTS could accommodate. However, there was a huge backlog of recruitment in Goa, filled through this recruitment, which resulted in the number of trainees exceeding the capacity of the PTS.
The trainees will be staying in Delhi Police Academy for the next year for training.


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