Herald: Woman held for abandoning newborn; father too nabbed

Woman held for abandoning newborn; father too nabbed

17 Feb 2019 05:28am IST
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17 Feb 2019 05:28am IST

The infant was abandoned near Mandopa football ground on December 2, last year

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MARGAO: Margao Town Police have arrested the woman who had abandoned her few hour old baby girl at Mandopa last year and also arrested the baby’s father and are waiting for the blood group report of all three before sending it for DNA test.

It may be recalled that on December 2, 2018 police had recovered a newly born baby abandoned in the bushes near the Mandopa football ground and as the bay was covered with blood and the umbilical cord was still attached, infant was admitted to Hospicio.

After treatment at Hospicio the infant was sent to a home for children by the Child Welfare Committee. However, the police continued their search for the parents of the child as the child was abandoned in a very dangerous position with not only ants crawling all over the place but even stray dogs lingering there.

The police narrowed down on the suspect as it was brought to their notice that while last year she used to wear loose clothes and cover herself with a jacket at present she was seen wearing quite fitting clothes and had given up the jacket.

On interrogation the woman admitted to deed. She apparently delivered the child alone at her house at Mandopa that she shares with her mother and two children after locking them inside the house. After the delivery she took the baby and abandoned her near the football ground.

She disclosed that the father of the baby was was a football referee and also a resident of Mandopa and is a married man. Incidentally, Margao Town police have booked a case against the man before the Children’s Court as he had beaten up some young children when they were playing on the football ground.

Claiming to be a PTA member, the man beat the children so severely with a stick on November 8, 2018 that their parents were forced to lodge a complaint with the police who had arrested him and he was released on bail by the court.

Bailancho Ekvott President Auda Viegas who was a counselor in the child beating case recalled many people from Navelim giving the man a clean chit and asserting that he would never beat children or do anything illegal.

“What has happened to that clean chit given by the people and I wonder what they have to say now when a more serious crime of abandoning one’s own child has taken place,” she said asserting that the man has to own up responsibility for “sowing his wild oats”.

Margao Town Police Inspector Kapil Nayak said the two are presently in the look up as the report on the blood group of the infant, the woman and the man is awaited and once the blood group report comes, the blood sample will be sent to the Forensic Laboratory at Hyderabad for DNA test.

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