19 Sep 2023  |   05:58am IST

Working on identification and verification of migrants, Betalbatim VP informs locals

Working on identification and verification of migrants, Betalbatim VP informs locals

Team Herald

MARGAO: The Betalbatim Panchayat informed the villagers that along with the local police, they have been working on the identification and verification of migrants residing in the village.

It was conveyed to the villagers that the panchayat has already filled the forms of the sizeable number of migrants found residing in the village and that there are plans to issue identity cards to them as a precautionary measure.

The panchayat was asked to continue the above process and there were demands to bring all tenants under the ambit of this verification process, including the number of outsiders residing in the village in rented premises

The villagers have demanded that a small-scale hospital be set up so that senior citizens and those suffering from various ailments can visit for regular check-ups.

The locals called for setting up a new fish market, given that the current market is located near the roadside. The land initially identified by the panchayat for the project has been kept on hold.

The panchayat was also asked to check on the alleged issue of raw sewage discharge into water bodies and dumping of garbage into the fields.

The locals called upon the panchayat to inspect the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) to confirm whether it is functioning as per regulations.

The panchayat, which has a waste collection system in place, agreed to inquire with the hotels as to how their waste and dry waste is collected.

Ruling panchas ‘confused’ on whom to elect as next Raia sarpanch

MARGAO: Ahead of the upcoming special meeting to elect the new Raia sarpanch, the ruling group of panch members appears to be a confused lot as to who should be elected as the next village head.

According to sources, it will not be so easy for panch Peter Quardos to be the next Sarpanch as per the understanding between the group members. However, Quadros is confident that all the six members will remain united and support him.

Upon the understanding, Judas Quadros tendered his resignation as Sarpanch. But, sources informed that Judas seems to be very much disappointed with his group. 


Iddhar Udhar