02 Mar 2024  |   07:02am IST

Yuri urges Transport Ministry to ensure bypass alignment spares houses in Cuncolim

Team Herald

MARGAO: Leader of the Opposition Yuri Alemao appealed to the Ministry of Road Transport on Friday to ensure that the alignment of the bypass in Cuncolim will not cause damage to existing  houses or result in significant environmental damage.

He also welcomed the announcement by Union Minister Nitin Gadkari allocating Rs 310.92 crore for the Cuncolim bypass.

Traffic congestion in Cuncolim is a major concern. The movement of heavy vehicles through the main market area poses a serious danger to pedestrians visiting the market. There are several schools just a few metres away from the existing highway, and vehicular traffic also poses a serious threat to school children, Alemao pointed out.

He stated that the Public Works Department, as well as the Ministry of Road Transport, should prepare the new alignment of the bypass after consulting local residents. 

Alemao emphasised that he will follow up on the matter to ensure that residential houses are not damaged due to the bypass.

"The government should also ensure that highway expansion from Dandewado to Uskini Arc is undertaken with the involvement of locals. There should be no threat to existing houses," he added.


Iddhar Udhar