23 Feb 2021  |   06:24am IST

Carmona village panchayat demolishes illegal encroachments

Carmona village panchayat demolishes illegal encroachments

Team Herald

CARMONA: The Carmona village panchayat demolished an illegal fruit and vegetable stall run by a migrant vendor in D’Mello vaddo near the Carmona fish market.   

Carmona sarpanch Allwyn Jorge told Herald that “The Carmona village panchayat had received several complaints from the Carmona villagers and the local horticulture vendors regarding the migrant stall vendor illegally selling fruits and vegetables by erecting a small structure in the MDR (major district road) widening area resulting in disruption of smooth traffic flow. The local horticulture vendors complained of loss in their business due to the illegal fruit and vegetable stall by this migrant vendor who had also blocked access to the shops in the Carmona market. The Salcete BDO (Block Development Officer) also wrote to us directing that we take action against him as no NOC or trade license were acquired by the stall vendor to conduct his business. We are not differentiating between Goans and non-Goan migrant vendors but due procedures have to be followed.”    

Panchayat had issued notices to public and few individuals regarding illegal business. 

“Show cause and removal notices issued by the Carmona village panchayat to the stall owner were ignored. The Carmona village panchayat had earlier demolished his illegal stall one year ago again it was put up. The migrant stall vendor was conducting his business illegally by encroaching in the access of a private property and dumping garbage into the adjoining property. This vendor had piled up heaps of garbage and was also burning it in the adjoining property,” said the Carmona sarpanch who further cautioned the vendor against illegally encroaching into private property and directed him to pay the fine.

The Carmona sarpanch also sought an undertaking from the vendor that he will not repeat his offence and can find another site to set up his business only after obtaining NOC from the property owner and the requisite trade license.


Iddhar Udhar