20 Apr 2021  |   06:13am IST

Vijay promises redeveloped houses to Pajifond people if his candidate becomes councillor

Vijay promises redeveloped houses to Pajifond people if his candidate becomes councillor

Team Herald

MARGAO: Goa Forward Party president Vijai Sardessai while asking the people of Pajifond to vote for his candidate Raju Naik at the Margao Municipal Council elections said only he and his party will be able to solve the housing problem faced by them through an incentive based slum redevelopment programme.

He said the area has to be declared a slum and then the slum redevelopment scheme has to be announced and pointed out that only his Goa Forward Party will be able to do this as they have already provided for 200 FAR in the outline development plan and added that it was the only way for Fatorda to move forward.

“The 200 FAR has been provided so that the builder finds it attractive to construct something for the owner of the land and for himself too,” he said while pointing out that giving such incentives for the benefit of the poor is acceptable. He made them understand that their future housing needs could be solved only by rehabilitating the present constructions though the slum redevelopment programme.

Speaking to the crowd at Pajifond he admitted to his mistake in fielding Angelis Pereira as a candidate who is now contesting again to support the BJP candidate by splitting the catholic votes in the ward. “I did not even know where this Angelis lives and had a tough time trying to contact him whenever required,” he said.

He further claimed that Rajiv Ravane is being fielded to split the Muslim votes and thus enable the BJP candidate to win. “The BJP through its governments in Goa and Centre have only established that they are out to loot the common man,” he said while asking people to keep them out.

He further accused that government of threatening its servants living in Junta Quarters to vote for the BJP candidate and said such terror tactics will not work and asked the people to vote for Raju Naik just to prove that the poor do not sell their vote.

Vijai said the Margao Civic Alliance should succeed as based on it the Team Goa experiment can be tried where an alliance will be formed for the Assembly elections to keep BJP at bay.

Speaking earlier Goa Forward Party General Secretary Prashant Naik said going by the development that Fatorda has seen, it is time to repeat the record of last municipal elections and get all the 11 Fatorda Forward candidates elected from Fatorda assembly segment.


Iddhar Udhar