28 Nov 2023  |   05:45pm IST

In Conversation with Vidya Balan: Breaking Stereotypes in Indian Cinema

In Conversation with Vidya Balan: Breaking Stereotypes in Indian Cinema

Team Herald

Actress Vidya Balan participated in an engaging In-Conversation session on 'Women and the Glass Ceiling' at the 54th International Film Festival of India in Goa. Balan emphasized the evolving role of women in cinema, stating that women are now taking centre stage and are not defined solely by their relationships with men. Reflecting on the transformation in the Indian film industry, she credited past female actors and their exceptional characters for paving the way for today's focus on women-oriented stories in movies.

Vidya Balan expressed her commitment to playing diverse characters and the importance of constantly seeking new stories that resonate with the audience. Emphasizing the need for unconventional roles and authenticity in portraying characters, she shared that stepping out of her comfort zone in each film is a liberating experience for her. When asked about her inspiration for taking on versatile roles, Balan highlighted her desire to break stereotypes surrounding female characters in Indian cinema, expressing her love for challenging roles that require hard work.

Discussing the portrayal of women in Indian cinema, Balan stressed the importance of shedding ingrained stereotypes and recognizing that women are ahead of their time in today's world. With a career spanning three decades, Vidya Balan has delivered powerful performances in films like "Parineeta," "Bhoola Bhulaiya," "Kahani," "The Dirty Picture," and more, contributing to the transformation of the portrayal of female characters in Indian cinema.


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