25 Nov 2023  |   12:58pm IST

Preserving Goa's Spirit and Heritage: Bollywood Actress Pooja Bhatt Reflects on IFFI Experience

Preserving Goa's Spirit and Heritage: Bollywood Actress Pooja Bhatt Reflects on IFFI Experience

Dolcy Dcruz

Panjim: Bollywood actress Pooja Bhatt recently shared her sentiments on the beauty, culture, and heritage of Goa, emphasizing the importance of preserving its architectural and cultural essence. Speaking at the 54th International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Bhatt expressed hope that authorities and the people of Goa would safeguard the state's heritage against unchecked development. She stressed the significance of retaining Goa's unique spirit, highlighting the need for a balance between development and preservation.

Addressing her experience at IFFI, Bhatt praised the festival's organizers for providing a dignified platform for films, allowing smaller productions to receive the attention they deserve. She commended the respectful treatment and love extended to the participants, noting the intense engagement of the audience during film screenings.

When asked about her film choices, Bhatt spoke about the joy of working on projects that allow her to celebrate her age and life experiences without succumbing to external pressures. She emphasized that being cast in roles based on life experiences and credibility was a gratifying phase in her career. Reflecting on her role in the film 'The Light: A Journey within,' she highlighted the importance of exploring new opportunities and promoting animated films in India.

Bhatt also touched upon the evolving landscape of Indian cinema, encouraging directors and producers to embrace animation as a storytelling medium. She emphasized the need for a homegrown animation industry and the importance of promoting animated films through various platforms.

In conclusion, Bhatt expressed gratitude for her enjoyable time at IFFI, particularly appreciating the warmth and respect shown by the festival organizers and the engaged audience during screenings.


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