Herald: How can you be selective in accepting SC verdict: Kejriwal to LG
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How can you be selective in accepting SC verdict: Kejriwal to LG

10 Jul 2018 06:02am IST
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10 Jul 2018 06:02am IST

PTI, NEW DELHI: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said today that Lt Governor Anil Baijal was "selective" in accepting the Supreme Court verdict on distribution of powers in Delhi, but the LG dismissed the charge, intensifying the war of words between them.

Kejriwal wrote to Baijal wondering how he can be "selective" in accepting the July 4 verdict of the apex court. He urged Baijal to implement the judgment in letter and spirit and asserted that the Home Ministry does not have the powers to interpret the order. The chief minister also urged the LG to approach the Supreme Court immediately to clear any confusion but said "kindly don't violate the order of the apex court".

"Either you should take a position that all the matters now would be placed before regular bench and therefore, you would not implement any part of the order. Or you should accept the whole order and implement it. How can you say that you will accept this para of the order but not accept that para of the same order?" Kejriwal said in the letter.

Replying to Kejriwal, the lt governor said he was quoted "selectively" and charged "erroneously" by the chief minister.

Baijal appeared to allege that Kejriwal's letter was leaked on social and electronic media before it reached his office.

His office said the LG has "noted" that Kejriwal has "quoted selectively" from his July 6 letter and "erroneously" accused him of selective acceptance of the apex court verdict.

"While the entire judgment and its implications are still being studied, it may kindly be noted that in the concluding paras, Hon'ble Court while answering the reference has directed to place the matters before the appropriate regular bench. Therefore, further clarity will be achieved when the appeals pending before the regular bench are finally disposed off," Baijal's office said quoting his July 6 letter.

The Supreme Court in its order clipped the LG's powers, restricting his jurisdiction to land, police and public order. 

Asserting itself, the AAP government has claimed the control over "services" matter that so far lied with the LG.

The Centre and the LG have maintained that a regular Supreme Court bench has to adjudicate over matters, including "services", and until then status quo has to be maintained.

Hours after the July 4 judgment, the Delhi government introduced a new system for transfer and postings of bureaucrats, making the chief minister the approving authority.

However, the services department refused to comply, saying the apex court did not abolish the notification issued in 2016, which made the Home Ministry the authority for transfers and postings through the LG.

In his letter today, the LG reiterated that it would be "premature" to draw conclusions at this stage as appeals are pending before the regular bench of the Supreme Court. 
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