25 Nov 2021  |   06:30am IST

The Rooster heard a buzz in Curtorim over Reginaldo’s ‘dinner’ politics

Villagers were heard asking these questions about their MLA’s saffron tinted trip to a Panjim hotel
The Rooster heard a buzz in Curtorim over Reginaldo’s ‘dinner’ politics

The Rooster, the mascot of Insight decided to perch itself in the middle of the Curtorim Tinto the morning after news broke that their MLA may have gone to meet senior BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis amidst rumours that he was trying to fix a deal with the BJP. Though Reginaldo “clarified” saying he had gone to meet a political strategist at midnight but “rushed” out as soon as he “saw” BJP leaders there, this clarification given has raised more questions than answers. And some basic questions were asked

 1) Who or which is the poll strategist company person that Reginaldo had gone to meet? At present, there is only one high-profile political strategy team in Goa and it is surely not working with the Congress. Is it only Reginaldo who is working with a secret poll strategist?

2) What time was the dinner planned? He said he had dinner, but he got delayed so he had some food in Quepem and then came to Panjim. If he had a dinner with strategist in Panjim, why would he stop to have dinner in Quepem, especially if he was getting late?

3) He used the word “we” repeatedly. (“We had dinner in Quepem”). Who else was him on that fateful night?

4) What was the importance of this meeting that Reginaldo would drive all the way and reach Panjim at midnight?

5) Was Devendra Fadnavis and other BJP leaders sitting at the entrance of the hotel at midnight, since Reginaldo said, “Everyone was there, so I came out immediately. I said let us not waste much time.” If he was going to meet the strategist, who would he waste time if he just saw the BJP leaders, on his way to his meeting?

The Curtorim MLA said he wanted this controversy to be put at rest. But the people of Curtorim will only put it at rest after they receive satisfactory answers.


Idhar Udhar