15 Jun 2024  |   07:05am IST

Keep on trusting the wise men of Panjim

Keep on trusting the wise men of Panjim

For those living in the Smart City, let us tell you a story.

Once upon a time long-long ago in a village by the coast, the residents were guided with knowledge, information and solutions by a gang of wise men. When the village needed their wisdom they called upon them and the head wise man would, either go himself or send his chosen one.

Such wise men are there in every village. And the people surely get what they ask for.

So one day there was a big problem. In one of the prominent homes, the head of the pet goat, rummaging for food in a pot, got stuck in the vessel. Everyone tried to get the poor goat's head and set it free.

All the educated people gave suggestions. Some consultants, professional ones were also called to give their inputs and prepare a road map to get the goat's head freed, from the vessel. 

Frustrated and worried, they called the head wiseman to come and solve this grave crisis. The wiseman agreed. On the appointed day, as the village waited for the great man with bated breath and reverence, the wise man arrived on a camel, his special vehicle.

The camel reached the door, but could not enter. The wise man wanted the area “expanded”, so he advised the house owner to break the front door and the walls around it to allow his camel to pass.

As soon as the door was broken, the wall was destroyed and the stones, mud and mess were strewn all over. The wise man entered the house on the camel and then got off and the people started to clap.

He then proclaimed that getting the goat’s head out of the vessel was an easy job. “Bring me a sharp knife,” he ordered. A knife was brought and handed over to the wise man.

He smiled, closed his eyes, took a deep breath placed it on the neck of the goat and chopped it. “There, the goat is free” claimed the wise man. “Now we will get the head out also, it’s so simple.. He then put his hand and tried to take the head out

When he couldn’t, he said, "Break the pot, it's the easiest way."

The villagers looked at each other. The goat was free, but dead and the head was stuck, but would soon be free, but cut.

This was the wiseman’s Smart solution in the Smart village.

But the villagers were very happy and said this was the best solution and they vowed to keep following the wise man and his gang.

Panjim’s story follows this path. To solve some problems of the city, it is getting expensive solutions from its wise men, paid by the common followers, who are very happy.

As these solutions are getting implemented, there is no Panjim left. Everything is broken. And its head, neck and body have been chopped off. And even the fish are swimming on the streets, while the ordered boats are yet to come to Panjim city, for it's a preferred monsoon transport.

But no problem, keep on trusting the wise men of Goa who are there in every constituency.

And the people should be happy when the wise men get richer and richer every evil moment.


Idhar Udhar