26 Nov 2021  |   06:43am IST

People are an unbeatable force

From the Delhi borders to Punjab and Haryana and all over the country, the will and courage of the people are stronger than any tear gas or lathi charge. This will always win against any government’s will to misuse its power to bring benefit to the few leading to the misery of others.
People are an unbeatable force

The decision to revoke the TCP permission for a blatantly illegal structure (a massive villa project) where fraudulent information was presented and overlooked before permissions were accorded, is yet another instance of strength that lies in a democracy, especially three months before elections.

We understand that governments may do what they want during their term but fear the anger of the people the most when elections are around the corner. But the zeal and courage of the ordinary common Goan from all over Goa across communities to protect Goa’s heritage and stop rich politicians and their cronies to trample our heritage zones to build their private properties must be saluted.

This is also a hope for all our environment warriors – those battling to save Goa from becoming a coal hub, protect the Mollem forest, win back the waters of our mother Mhadei and stop the steal to Karnataka, fight the sand mining and stone crushing and so many other battles.

Herald salutes and supports each of the people. Let the Voice of Goans be heard.