26 Mar 2024  |   06:11am IST

People ask whether the conductor of compromises has done it again to damage the Congress.

People ask whether the conductor of  compromises has done it again to damage  the Congress.

Political essayist Adv Radharao Gracias’ Facebook post hours after the BJP announced Pallavi Dempo as its pick to contest the crucial South Goa seat had this observation that the Congress had virtually finalised Girish Chodankar (to contest South Goa) because of ‘chamchagiri with Rahul(Gandhi)’.

‘Chamchagiri’, is a colloquial and informal expression denoting the act of being a stooge, a servant or a slave to the master. 

The people of Goa will however see this as beyond mere ‘chamchagiri’ (to quote Advocate Radharao Gracias’ expression)  to Rahul Gandhi. They will see this as an outright compromise to hand over the South Goa seat on a platter to the BJP. 

A compromise of this nature, people will feel, will be nothing less than a hard slap on the face of the hopeful people of Goa, a compromise they will feel, is imminent, shameful and a grand betrayal of the sentiments of Goans.

That is not surprising. Because when political compromises happen, the fate of the common man is never a factor. Therefore, if this compromise gets affected, Adv Gracias’ comment will make the people of Goa and those who still work at the grassroots for the Congress, see this contest, as one between a newcomer and a loser. People of Goa know that Girish Chodankar has never won an Assembly or Lok Sabha election in his life. 

Then there is the revolutionary vote-cutting party. People of Goa know very well why this party is contesting these elections, who it is batting for, and the damage it will do to ensure further that the willing Congress loser doesn’t spoil his record.

Notwithstanding Adv Gracias’ posts, in the past, the people of Goa who have backed the Congress have had to suffer ticket sales during the election theatre, carried out by the supreme conductor of compromises. It set a bad tone and a bad tune which signalled an attack on the party from within. Will that setting happen again, people wonder.


Iddhar Udhar