25 Jun 2024  |   07:13am IST

The benefit of the law, should be for everyone including builders

The benefit of the law, should be for everyone including builders

Prinsha Agarwadekar's family has been victimised brutally by the system, which has hurt humanity. And the actions against those who are allegedly responsible like Pooja Sharma (since she has been named in the FIR) are also justified.

An act of sending bulldozers without orders or notice to the occupants, and kidnapping the ailing man of the house and his  19-year-old son is a criminal act, which should  have harsh consequences for those involved in this act in any manner, including those who may be in very high positions.  

At the same time, everyone in Goa needs to introspect if those who have genuine ownership and possession should be able to enjoy that possession without any hindrances. At the same time if there are occupants in their property who do not have tangible legal evidence of their right to be occupying that property, then the law must act at a speed which allows the legal occupant to take possession of his or her property.

The entire investigation into multiple cases of land grabbing was aimed at giving justice to those who legally owned land. In the recent case, all that needs to be ascertained is if the sale of land from Chrys Pinto to Pooja Sharma was legal in all aspects after certifying that  the ownership history of the family was correct and there was no fraud or impersonation committed anywhere. 

If the sale deed is genuine in all aspects and the Sharmas have possession, then they too have the right to enjoy that possession without being entangled in long drawn out civil litigation.

This is no way gives them the right, to plan any violent illegal takeover as they have been alleged to have done or indulge in goondaagiri.

But they do have the right to legally buy land/ property and get access to the same without having to be dragged into a litigation after having being given possession by virtue of a sale deed. In the present case there is no charge against the Sharma’s of any illegality committed in the purchase of the property in Assagao.

This perspective must be kept without prejudice to any action against alleged criminal acts committed or influenced by them against the Agarwadkars, who live in abject fear and tension, with their hearts and the home they lived for 24 years, broken.


Idhar Udhar