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16 Mar 2019 05:22am IST
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16 Mar 2019 05:22am IST

AAP to contest 

all three seats

Well done AAP. AAP is only our inspiration for better Goa, when Congress failed to form government in spite of having 17 elected MLAs and now again it is going to be spoilsport by fielding Girish in the North and Francisco Sardinha in the South, when there are so many young Congress men to contest. Girish could not win when he contested in the South against BJP and contesting in the North, for Shripad Naik to win. In my view we Goans do not have any other alternative in near future by supporting Congress, we should support AAP for both the seats. Both AAP candidates are highly qualified and young at heart. During last Assembly election all the AAP candidates highly qualified and had lot of support, the Congress and BJP bribed the voters as well as the Election Officers with money and got elected.

Marcos Alemao, Varca

China must stop supporting terrorism

In a diplomatic move giving nightmares to India, China, one of the permanent members of the UN on Thursday defended its fourth ‘technical hold’ on the designation of Pakistan-based JeM chief Masood Azhar as a global terrorist. The proposal to designate Azhar under the 1267 Al Qaeda Sanctions Committee of the UN Security Council was moved by France, the UK and the US. Intriguingly, it is still esoteric why China always chose to block moves to designate Masood Azhar as a global terrorist. Masood Azhar is deadliest terrorist to the core, and he has many evil schemes to perpetrate on many countries.

Unfortunately, China is never seemed to have been bitten by this grim reality. On the other hand, India is a country which suffered the pain of terrorism too much. So the wearer alone knows where the shoe pinches. India knows how cruel and painful is terrorism and it is like a burnt child who dreads the fire. China must know that terrorism is a global issue, and it will not confine to India alone.

The terrorists propagate destruction or annihilation theories. So, today’s problem of India is sure to be the problem of China tomorrow. But China has never tried to learn lessons from terrorist attacks elsewhere in the world. Enough is enough. China must, therefore, come forward to learn and realise the grave threat of terrorism and join hands with India to wipe out this growing menace. The faster China acts positively, the better.

TK Nandanan, Kochi

Mumbai overbridge collapse

This is heart- wrenching incident for the nation and the country that the over bridge collapsed on Thursday evening at Mumbai which has left around 6 people died and 31 wounded. It did not happen first time, like this incident took place before it. It seems that the authority did not learn any lesson.

Many over bridges need to be reconstructed across the city. We urge the authority should find out weak bridges at the city and rebuild them so that no life wastes by such incidents. It is government's responsibility to protect every citizen's life.

Mohd Umar, MP

Compensation only 

Rs 5 lakh?

Sad, very sad indeed. What is Rs 5 lakh today to compensate the family member of the deceased while the injured get only Rs 50,000? How long will the money last? What if the deceased was the only working member in the family? When will the money be given to the family member?

It will take years for the family member to get the money. The family member will have to run from pillar to post in order to get the money. The Shiv Sena is to be blamed for the overbridge collapse at Mumbai CST as they cannot run the city. Where are our taxes going? Will the CM answer my questions? Our lives are not secure. Did the people know they were going to die?

Jubel D'Cruz, Mumbai

Looting and 


As a citizen of Curchorem, I appeal to the government and the citizen to the looting policy by the mining department in the name of E-auction. It has been seen that the court has stopped mining activity due to this corrupt policy and pollution in the state. There are many lapses on the part of the government to check pollution and blackmailing. 

Mining has been closed down for more than a year but the fact is that regular mining transporting continues to pass through Curchorem and boards are placed on the windscreen of the trucks mentioning (E-auction)ore. This shows blackmailing as I have not read about E-auctioning lately in the newspaper. Please authorities and NGO'S check the irregularities, pollution and health hazardous.

Xayzel Rodrigues, 


BMC ‘responsible’ 

for collapse

The BMC (Mumbai's civic body) must be held accountable for the CSMT (VT) over-bridge which crashed, killing six people and injuring over 30. Mumbai being the financial capital of India, deserves world class infrastructure. Finance is not an issue; the issue is not spending the allocated funds. For the current year ending March 2019 the BMC spent only 39.8% of the funds allocated for bridges, till February. So if the audit report indicated 'minor repairs' why were the repairs not undertaken? Pure negligence and tardiness on the part of the civic body. And please do not give us a scapegoat. People have died .The buck stops with the top boss, the Municipal Commissioner. 

Robert Castellino, 


Mumbai tragedy

It is another shocking incident last night during peak hours occurred in near the CST station Mumbai. The collapse took place in a busiest junction, where around 6 people including 3 women passed away. The tragedy is that last year also two FOB bridges badly collapsed, but administration is looking like a deaf and blind, while 50 people lost their lives within two incidents. I request all administrations including state government to pay heed over these critical issues, and investigate the horrible accident, as well as rebuild all ancients FOB and poles under the any veteran engineer. The culprits should be punished severely, and suspended from the duty.

Najmul Huda, 


Will FC Goa lift 

the ISL title?

FC Goa must be considered as strong contenders to lift the Indian Super League season 5 (ISL-5) title on Sunday when they play Bengaluru FC. FC Goa plays attacking football and has scored 41 goals in the league so far compared to 33 scored by Bengaluru FC.

Coro has been the main scorer of the Goan outfit and will be awarded the Golden Boot award for scoring 16 goals in ISL-5. He also becomes the highest scorer in all ISL seasons. However, Bengaluru is also a very strong team with players like Indian captain Sunil Chettri and Miku who have been prolific scorers in the team. All in all it will be a cracker of a match on Super Sunday. The team which plays better on the day will be the obvious winners.

FC Goa can raise their game to the next level as was seen in the first leg of the semi-finals when they secured a 5-1 win over Mumbai FC. Football fans in the country and the supporters of both the teams across the globe will be witnessing a tough fight between the two teams.

FC Goa has lost twice to Bengaluru FC in the League stage but could be third-time lucky. Will coach Sergio Lobera and his boys lift the ISL-5 title? We will have to wait and watch.

Adelmo Fernandes, 


Unemployment due to mining shutdown

Few years back mining was the main occupation of Goa. Many people in rural areas were totally dependent on mining it was their livelihood. Until recent years due to Shutdown of mining many people had to lose their job. Many people carry out agitations in order to restart mining.

I know it had affected their families who were dependent on mining but mining activity also cause environmental destruction. I feel that those people who lost their jobs due to Shutdown of mining should be given employment in order to sustain themselves and their families.

Tushar Gaonkar, Sanguem

World-peace is absolutely necessary

The 'Peace' God means for us is not 'world peace' but it means completeness, soundness, prosperity at all levels of our lives. World peace is defined as an ideal of freedom, peace, and happiness among and within all nations and/or people. Today, peace has predominantly become political work towards settlement of issues between the nations through military involvement, cessation of arms and weapons and dialogue on less-violent, civilian matters. Peace has also included some humanitarian efforts that stretch its helping hands to the calamity-hit regions in the world. It is said that voice of the people is the voice of God. Nowhere in the world people want war. They are fed up with it. The desire for peace is supreme in their hearts.

Powerful countries should give up the race of arming themselves and their friendly countries to the teeth. Peace and prosperity can be attained through the realization of five basic fundamental freedoms, for all people, everywhere in the world. They are: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from want, freedom for the environment, and freedom from fear. Peace is the mother of progress. Without peace a nation cannot make any progress. So peace is ever desirable. World-peace is absolutely necessary. It is said "Peace begins with a smile." A smile can light up a room, so imagine what a world of smiles can do. If every day, someone does something kind for someone, it will create a ripple effect. Focusing on peace is imperative for our future. 

Vinod C. Dixit, Ahmedabad


Authorities should prepare permanent audio-video statements on frequent tragedies like collapse of foot-over bridge in Mumbai on 14.03.2019

There are routine statements by dignitaries posted on high posts on tragedies like happened when a foot-overbridge collapsed in Mumbai on March 14, 2019. Such usual statements expressing shock and deep regret include, a high-power committee will be set up to probe the tragedy, guilty ones will not escape punishment, compensation will be paid to kin of victims, free medical-treatment will be available for those injured etc. etc.

But since public-memory is very short, no one comes to know about report of high-level committee set up to probe and punishment provided to guilty ones thus resulting in future such incidents. Even Mumbai witnessed such incidents earlier also.

Since practically no remedial measures are seen to have been taken, it is better that persons seated on high posts may not have to waste their precious time in going to the accident-site and giving routine statements. Permanent audio and video recording can be prepared and played on the accident-site and press-conferences etc whenever such accidents occur. Otherwise highly posted persons giving such statements should be punished in case report of probe-committee published and guilty ones exposed and punished in a time-bound manner.

Madhu Agrawal, Delhi

Votes are more than money

Every year the World Consumer Rights Day is celebrated on March 15. Consumers International has announced the theme for World Consumer Rights Day 2019 as "Trusted Smart Products" to make us aware about the need for a connected world and "importance of the development of digital products and services." 

The movement for consumer rights is for promoting basic rights of the consumer and for safeguarding consumers from the market abuse and social injustice. Given that we live in a sellers' market and in the bubble of their fantasy advertisements, this day holds special importance. 

The World Consumer Rights day was inspired by the President of the United States of America, John F Kennedy. In 1962, he highlighted four consumer rights ~ Right to safety, Right to be informed, Right to choose and Right to be heard. Thereafter, four more rights added in 1980. They are ~ Right to redress, Right to satisfaction of basic needs, Right to consumer education and Right to a healthy environment. 

Indian consumers got their Consumers Protection Act in 1986. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs of the Government of India has been making consumers aware about their rights through the campaign "Jago Grakak Jago" ("Wake up Consumers"). 

Now, the question is ~ why mustn't Indian voters be treated as consumers? Why mustn't they be protected under the Consumers Protection Act? Consumers give their money to buy a product after believing what the manufacturer is saying about the product. If a consumer is cheated then the person can get protection under the Consumer Protection Act. 

Similarly, a voter should also be protected. A person gives her or his vote in favour of a political party after believing in the promises of that party. The promises are well documented in their manifesto. So, if a political party fails to deliver its promises after coming to power then the party needs to be penalized. As a matter of fact, the value of our vote is indeed more than money. 

Sujit De, Kolkatta

Curtail air-travel at govt-expense

Huge amount of public-money is wasted in allowing those in legislature, judiciary, bureaucracy and officers of public-sector-undertakings to travel through super-costly Business-Class rather than Economy-Class in domestic flights.

It is significant that all those travelling at public-expense if travelling through biggest domestic airliner Indigo have to travel in Economy-Class because fortunately Indigo does not have any Business-Class. If travel can be made in Economy-Class in Indigo flights, there is no reason that those travelling in Business Class of other airliners may not be able to travel in Economy-Class of other airliners having separate Business Class. Howevers, all airliners can be directed to reserve first two rows of Economy Class for those presently entitled for travel in Business Class at public-expense. Best is to altogether abolish Business Class in aircrafts used for domestic flights exclusively.

Rather the same principle of allowing travel on pubic-expense only in Economy Class should be there even for foreign travels also. However, those desiring to travel through Business Class can do so by paying difference of fares between Business Class and Economy Class.

Frequent-Flier-Points earned on air-travel booked at public-expense should be accumulated in accounts of concerned governments and public-authorities rather than being accumulated in name of individuals travelling at public-expense. It will provide hefty saving to public-exchequers rather than presently going as a sort of unfair gift to individuals for accumulating such points for free air-travels in future for private purpose.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi

Divulging details of terrorists killed

Defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s statement that government will not disclose the number of terrorists killed in the Indian Air Force’s pre-emptive strike at the Jaish-e-Mohammed’s facility at Balakot in Pakistan is right, and the government need not divulge details regarding the human casualties following the air strike.

The intention of the government is to eliminate terrorism whenever its ugly head rears. Pulwama terror attack was the one like that and in a retaliatory process, there is no room for reasoning or for compassion and the avengement takes place as a deterrent punishment.

It must be borne in mind that here the government is the avenger and noising or bragging about the successful airstrike at the terrorist camp is unwise and detailing of the human casualties is even unwise. Terrorists are also human beings, and they embraced terrorism out of ignorance and thus they are away from God. So, the government cannot boast, and detail on how it wreaked havoc on terrorist camp and how many terrorists were killed through its act of air strike.

Such briefing of details publicly will have a rather negative impact on the minds of the people than it is thought otherwise. So, Defence Minister is right to say that it will not disclose the number of terrorists killed in the IAF’s strike at Balakot.

TK Nandanan, Kochi

Good response to Rajdhani Express

It is welcome to note the success of the newly introduced bi-weekly Mumbai Rajdhani express between Mumbai and H.Nizamuddin via Thane-Nashik-Jalagaon-Bhopal-Agra operated by Central Railway. It is also interesting to note that the prestigious train has received overwhelming response owing to its popular demand as operated via CR and the train is now running with some on waiting lists despite augmenting additional 3AC coaches.

Central Railway's proposal made to the Railway Board to run the train daily is a much needed positive move. As the decision is now pending with the Railway Board for further examination, the authorities should make every effort to ensure successful run of this train now on a daily basis.

A daily Rajdhani Express connectivity via CR route is highly essential as the other two Rajdhanis from Mumbai Central also operate daily but only via WR route-including Madgaon Rajdhani and Thiruvananthpauram Rajdhani that run via Konkan Railway-Panvel-Vasai Road-Vadodara-Ratlam-Kota.

Central Railway should also consider rescheduling the train's departure at a convenient time in the evening, instead of the existing 2.50 pm. The suggested departure of the train from Mumbai in the evening will help ensure that commuters can travel conveniently post closure of the business/office hours, especially on weekdays.

Also the Railway Board may also examine the possibility of operating another Rajdhani Express from Bengaluru via the much needed popular route of Nashik-Pune-Miraj-Belagavi-Hubballi. The new train suggestion will benefit faster connectivity to New Delhi via the important towns of Karnataka and Maharashtra. The train may be operated via CR zone itself as per the current Rajdhani Express route beyond Nashik and may be introduced by the Railway Board upon considering necessary feasibility requirements. 

Varun SD, Bangalore

Letter to the Editor

In the article, "The 'Gozali' theatre and the filter test" (Herald, People's edit, March 9, 2019), Molly Fernandes reminds us that his holiness Pope Francis has tagged those who gossip as - Terrorists! Indeed, gossip creates terror in the minds of its victims. However, there is a huge difference between criticising a system/ policy and criticising a person/ people. A person is a mixture of some good and bad habits and qualities. Moreover, every personality is not a static object. A person with a narrow mindset can become a generous and liberal or the other way round. Apart from all this, it is difficult to label an adjective on a person's character without knowing the circumstantial background of a person's action. 

However, most of us - most of the time judge others by oversimplifying every personality as good or bad. This creates all sorts of problems in our passing judgments. Indeed, our mind is too complex to be measured by a simple hero - villain yardstick. A person's every action and habit does not always go in either upstream or downstream. It can also move in a zigzag way. 

We can recall what Jesus said to those who wanted to kill a woman for adultery. "Teacher," they said to Jesus, "this woman was caught in the act of adultery. The law of Moses says to stone her. What do you say." "All right," said Jesus, "but let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!" When the accusers heard this, they slipped away one by one. 

To walk the talk is a must before criticising a person. But the same thing is not applicable for criticising a practice or policy or prejudice. For example, if a smoker says about the bad effects of smoking and how smoking has told on his health, we need to listen to him. We cannot tag a smoker as a bad person. But we can certainly tag smoking as a bad habit. 

B R Ambedkar advised us to Educate-Agitate-Organize. Education helps us to become aware of the problems that need to be addressed. Only a conscious mind gets agitated by the issues like hunger, unemployment, child labour, untouchability, totems of casteism, superstitions, myths and prejudices. Thereafter the agitation in us goads us to start a movement against those evils. And we must organise ourselves to drive the movement forward. The movement has to face all sorts of resistance. Those who want to change something will face the question whether they themselves are good or bad people and whether they are hypocrites or not. This question is not worth an answer because such movements are against exploitation, oppression and darkness and not directly against a person or persons.

Sujit De, Kolkatta

Rs 20 coin being 

forced on public 

It refers to shocking announcement coming from Coin and Currency Division of Department of Economic Affairs (Union Finance Ministry) about double-coloured 12-edged polygon dodecagon-shaped 20-rupee coins with diameter of 27 millimetres. Decision comes at a time when general people are not at all comfortable with prevailing 10-rupee coins already in circulation for last so many years. Frequent reports of unacceptability of these 10-ruppe coins has even led Reserve Bank of India RBI issuing warning for legal action against those not accepting 10-rupee coins.

It is beyond understanding who at Union Finance Ministry takes such unwise decisions like the present one of issuing heavy twenty-rupee coins. Otherwise also, system must be to issue either currency-note or coin of a particular denomination. Only recently RBI announced issue of new-designed smaller-sized currency-notes in remaining denomination of rupees twenty.

Since life of smaller-denomination currency-notes is less in comparison to those in higher denominations, plastic currency already successful in many other countries, should be issued to start with notes in denominations of rupees 10 and 20 with minting of coins in these denominations stopped immediately.

Madhu Agrawal, Delhi

Problems due to 


Unemployment is a grave problem before our government and planners. They try to provide jobs to more and more People but the demand exceeds far more than the supply. With the exceeding number of educational institutions and growing popularity of education, the problem is becoming more and serious day by day.

India is basically an agricultural country. Agriculture is the backbone of our economy. Agriculture in India is not developed enough to accommodate all the unemployed youth. Our agriculture is still dependent on old and traditional ways of farming. The use of technology is not very popular in India. Unless agriculture is modernised with latest scientific methods it cannot provide bread and butter to all the rural youth. They will continue to seek employment outside the bounds of their hereditary profession.

Unemployment is closely related to the increase in population. The population of this country is increasing by leaps and bounds. All the steps to control growing population will help in solving the problem of unemployment. Problem of educated unemployed is all the more serious. When the educated youth fail to get employment as per their capability, they turn hostile. They fall prey to anti-social elements. They exploit them to serve their ends. They become a challenge for the society. They create law and order problem. The country has not become so industrialised that it can accommodate the unemployed youth. This situation has led to migration. There is a lot of pressure on big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, etc. Every day thousands of youth reach these cities in search of employment. They create pressure on the civic amenities of these cities.

There are various factors behind the unprecedented growth of unemployment. Poverty constitutes one of the major factors. Besides, lack of proper planning, corruption and illiteracy are also contributing to this problem. The government is very keen on checking unemployment. It is initiating various schemes to contain the problem. Soft loans are being provided to the youth to start their own business. In addition, training programmes for short-term skills are also given to the youth. There are lots of institutes which offer training to youths for various programmes. With liberalisation, more and more companies are coming to India. They offer job opportunities. It is good for our country.

The situation is improving but with little pace. The most important thing is that government machinery should be sincere in implementing different schemes and programmes. Education should be made job-oriented. After the completion of education, our youth should not wait for employment. These measures will make a difference.

Neha Naik, by email


Good performance 

by all players

It is a very joyful event for all Indians that we have won the second ODI match also against Aussies. Surely now we can hope to win the World Cup. In this match all our bowlers made a fine start to their defence. Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammed Shami struggled to get their lines and lengths right and the under-fire opener Aaron Finch and Usman Khawaja negotiated their opening spells with ease to raise 60 runs in the first 10 overs.

This day belonged also to Kohli, who notched up his 40th century. I can never forget the performance of Vijay Shankar especially in the final over in which Australians needed to score 11 runs for a win.

Md Ajaz Qasmi, Hyderabad

Make heart health your priority

This refers to your informative article “Heart symptoms never to ignore” (March 4). Heart disease and stroke are the world's leading causes of death. The increasing incidents of heart disease and stroke claims 17.3 million lives every year. 

A study has shown that 2 out of 4 Indian women are at risk of heart problems due to increasing weight. Heart failure can result in poor quality of life and early death. Early diagnosis is a key. Heart failure patients need to power their heart muscle first for longevity and better quality of life. The ever increasing burden of cardiovascular ailments among the population can only be controlled by taking preventive measures. There are many who think heart disease occurs mostly in older people, but numerous deaths from this condition happen well before people reach the age of 75. 

Heart disease was once considered an old-age ailment but has now become a common lifestyle concern. Every citizen must make their own heart health a priority and take the vital steps necessary to reduce their risk. Keeping in mind the hectic lives we lead, we need to adopt healthy weight management as one of the key ways to improve heart health. It’s the small things that make a difference. If we make time to walk together daily for 30 minutes, it’ll go a long way in protecting our hearts. 

Let us encourage everyone to take the road that leads to a heart healthy life.

Vinod C. Dixit, Ahmedabad


Tourism in Jammu & Kashmir 

Tourism is the main business of Jammu & Kashmir, which gives employment & business to lakh and crore of local people. This business can only flourish if there is peace and tranquility.

India always thought that peace can be made by sincerely addressing to grievances. India must take its cue from those instances and solve the Kashmiri conundrum once and for all.

Countries across the world must unite to fight terror so that the innocent people of Kashmir can live alone in peace and not in pieces. It should also be the responsibility of every citizen to cooperate with the government as well as our armed forces in the way of making Jammu & Kashmir terror free and peaceful. Good governance and good policy will address the problem to a very large extent. 

Vinod C. Dixit, Ahmedabad

Salute the forces 

Salute the forces for striking back and putting the fear of god in the enemy. No more border skirmishes for them. Twelve Mirage-2000s crossed the LoC for the first time since 1971, destroying camps of the purveyors of terror and leaving Pakistan in a catch-22 situation. Pakistan did not know whether to deny the attack or acknowledge it. In the end it did both!

Non-military pre-emotive strikes are the legitimate option of any sovereign nation. India has exercised this option with precision, targeting only terrorist camps. The international community cannot but approve of such action. Even Pakistan's greatest ally Beijing has only cautioned restraint from both sides and generally cold shouldered it ally. 

Robert Castellino, Mumbai

Self less

Individuals are often described as "selfless". Mother Theresa and former cricketer Rahul Dravid are examples. Selfless men and women care more about the needs of their group as a whole than expecting any encomium or emoluments. Their singular goal is to strive for the upliftment of the society in their own way and through their own methods. 

Charitable people also fall under the selfless category because how so ever rich are you , parting with hard-earned wealth is no easy task. Gesture of generosity and act of kindness, with little anticipation of returns, are the hallmark of selfless people. In fact, one ends up getting more than one anticipates when he/she is giving. 

Since "selfless" is the opposite to "selfish", loving others can kindle a flame of the former in the latter. Can one simultaneously be "selfish" and "selfless"? Selfishness to be selfless may be the right answer. 

Relieving others' burden is akin to de-burdening oneself. In a way, sacrificing for the sake of others is also selflessness of the highest grade. Every man or woman on this earth can be selfless; the virtue goes beyond caste, creed, religion and fame. 

Society is full of good people, and not so good people with unexplored qualities of goodness hidden in them. It is important to find goodness among others. Wisdom is said to vanish once it refuses to see other than itself. Life is a business and it is very exciting when it is lived for others. If life's vagaries limit oneself to do great selfless things, one can surely do small things in a great way. 

Great achievers do not compare between "gain" and "work". It was Mother (Saint) Theresa who said "Do things for others not because of who they are or what they do, but because of who you are". And, charity should begin at home with self-discipline and self confidence. Robert Louis Stevenson has summed it beautifully "Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant". 

Ganapathi Bhat, Akola

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