Herald: Cong, BJP depend on Delhi decisions: AAP

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Cong, BJP depend on Delhi decisions: AAP

16 Mar 2019 05:37am IST
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16 Mar 2019 05:37am IST

Team Herald

MARGAO: Both the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party are heavily dependent upon the “big daddy and big mummy” from Delhi and that is why they cannot declare their candidates for the ensuing Lok Sabha elections even today, charged Aam Aadmi Party.

Briefing media persons AAP Goa convener Elvis Gomes said the BJP and the Congress functioning in Goa is dictated by their leaders in Delhi and that is why there is constant shuttling between Goa and the national capital.

 “There should have been a structural audit following the collapse of the scaffolding yesterday but nobody is talking about it just because the contractor is close to the ruling party leadership,” he said adding that everything appears to be aimed to benefit Delhi based parties.

He also alleged that the Delhi Leadership of BJP and Congress were only looking after the interests of their business friends while citing the examples of the mining scam, the Special Economic Zones imbroglio and influx of Casinos in Goa. 

 “If Goans had to decide what is best for Goa, this small State would have progressed differently,” said Elvis.  while stating “we shall cross that bridge when it comes” when asked what would happen if Arvind Kejriwal decided to support Congress in Goa to defeat BJP.

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