21 Apr 2024  |   12:49am IST

Footpath near BJP office caves in due to heavy unseasonal rains

 Footpath near BJP office caves in due to heavy unseasonal rains

Team Herald

A portion of a newly laid footpath gave way in Panjim near the BJP office following heavy unseasonal rains, sparking concerns among local residents about pedestrian safety. The incident, occurring after just one hour of rain, has raised questions about the city's preparedness for the upcoming monsoon season.


Expressing dismay over the situation, residents have called for urgent action to mitigate risks and ensure the safety of pedestrians. They point fingers at the Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP), responsible for maintaining infrastructure, accusing it of inefficiency in fulfilling its duties.


Avertino Miranda, a resident of the affected area, criticized the quality of work done by CCP, highlighting the discrepancy between the considerable funds allocated and the lacklustre outcomes. He lamented the flooding of roads and sinking of cars with the onset of rain, emphasizing the failure to prioritize life safety in Panjim.


The collapse of the footpath underscores broader concerns about the city's infrastructure, prompting calls for immediate intervention from authorities to prevent accidents. Residents are vocal about the disappointment and frustration stemming from the perceived inadequacies in the ongoing smart city initiatives, exacerbating the situation rather than ameliorating it.


Idhar Udhar