14 Apr 2024  |   06:52pm IST

80th National Fire Service Day Celebrated in Panaji, Goa

Firefighters honoured for their bravery and dedication to fire safety
80th National Fire Service Day Celebrated in Panaji, Goa

Team Herald

The 80th National Fire Service Day was commemorated on Tuesday at the fire force headquarters in St Inez, Panaji. This significant event aimed to highlight the importance of fire safety and its role in nation-building. The event was jointly organized by the fire and emergency services and the Chief Electoral Office of Goa.

Under the national theme of "Ensure Fire Safety, contribute towards Nation Building," Nitiv Raiker, Director of Fire and Emergency Services, shared an enlightening overview of the department's remarkable accomplishments. With great pride, he announced that the fire and emergency services had responded to 8,000 incidents in the past year alone, ultimately saving 194 human lives, 757 animal lives, and property worth 179 crores. 

He further said that this day also holds great significance as it is known as Martyrs Day, a poignant moment to pay tribute to the brave firefighters who sacrificed their lives during the massive fire explosion at Victoria Doc in Mumbai port back in 1994. A staggering number of 71 fire personnel lost their lives while valiantly protecting their nation's people and property, he added. 

Director Nitiv Riaker further revealed that from April 14th to April 20th, Fire Prevention Week will be observed throughout Goa. Various fire safety programs will be conducted across different locations, aiming to raise awareness and educate the public on fire safety measures. Riaker urged the people of Goa to equip themselves with the knowledge to combat any unfortunate events effectively. 

Furthermore, in collaboration with the Chief Electoral Office, the fire and emergency services also held a poster-making competition on April 6th. The competition was divided into two age groups: 7 to 10-year-olds with the topic "Fire Friends," and 11 to 14-year-olds with the topic "Environmental Hazards." An astounding 2,000 children participated, and the winners will be celebrated during the event.

Sanjit Rodrigues emphasized the importance of personal responsibility in fire safety. He stressed the need to ensure fire safety at the individual level, particularly regarding domestic gas cylinders, which often contribute to fire incidents that can be avoided. Rodrigues also highlighted the significance of maintaining proper fire safety measures in buildings to ensure swift response during emergencies. By collectively taking preventative measures, countless lives and property damage can be averted.


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