21 Apr 2024  |   12:48am IST

A little girl vomits blood after eating expired chocolates in Punjab

A little girl vomits blood after eating expired chocolates in Punjab

Team Herald

A little girl started vomiting blood soon after she ate the chocolates. She was immediately rushed to a local hospital, where doctors confirmed that she had indeed consumed expired chocolates.

The incident comes as a shock and raises serious concerns about food safety and quality control measures in Punjab. The girl's family is understandably devastated and has demanded a thorough investigation into the matter.

According to the family, the chocolates were bought from a popular shop in Ludhiana. The owner of the shop, who has been selling chocolates for several years, claims that he had no knowledge of the chocolates being expired. However, upon inspection, the health department and police found some expired items on the shelves.

Upon hearing the news, the health department and police launched a joint investigation into the matter. The health department has also collected samples of the expired chocolates for testing and has assured that strict action will be taken against the shop owner if found guilty.

The incident highlights the importance of regularly checking food products for expiry dates. It is the responsibility of manufacturers and shop owners to ensure that their products are safe for consumption.

Expired food products can be harmful, especially for young children whose immune systems are still developing. Consuming expired food can lead to food poisoning and other serious health issues.

It is heart-wrenching to see a young child suffer due to the negligence of others. This incident should serve as a reminder for us to be more cautious and vigilant about the food we consume and to raise our voices against any lapses in food safety.


Idhar Udhar