04 Mar 2024  |   10:13pm IST

About 10 percent of Goan Voters Oppose EVMs

Hundreds of citizens of Goa stormed out of the Azad Maidan in the capital city of Panji demanding the abandonment of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) in elections in favor of traditional ballot papers. Out of the total 11 lakh 50 thousand voters of Goa, statements with signatures of one lakh voters who did not want EVMs were submitted to the Election Commission by the organizers of the agitation.
About 10 percent of  Goan Voters Oppose EVMs

Team Herald

A demonstration, organized  in Azad Maidan under the banner "Goans Against EVMs," drew participation from numerous social organizations and activists  across Goa. Speakers, including legal advocates who have argued against EVMs in the Supreme Court, highlighted the flaws in the electronic voting system and its susceptibility to manipulation.

Following the gathering at Azad Maidan, protesters proceeded towards the Election Commission office, seeking to deliver their petition directly to the Commissioner. However, tensions escalated briefly as police intervened, resulting in a temporary standoff. Eventually, a delegation of five protestors was permitted to meet with the Election Commissioner.

A petition of one lakh signatures was handed over to the Chief Electoral Officer on this occasion demanding that this election be conducted through ballot papers without using EVMs.The total electorate of Goa is nearly 11 lakh 50 thousand  Among them, more than one lakh voters have shown opposition to EVM. Organizers of the protest have said that Goa is 
the first state in the country to show opposition to EVM in such a large number. The local coordinators of this movement have announced that the campaign against EVMs will continue.


Iddhar Udhar