03 Jun 2023  |   12:27pm IST

Agency suspended for failing to meet food grain preservation by civil supplies dept.

Agency suspended for failing to meet food grain preservation by civil supplies dept.

Team Herald

In response to the distribution of contaminated food grains through fair-price shops, the civil supplies department has taken a stricter stance. An appointed agency has been suspended for failing to meet the food grain preservation requirements in government godowns located in Salcete and Mormugao talukas. The civil supplies department has taken strict action against those in charge of the contamination of food grains in Mormugao and Salcete talukas. 

Additionally, civil supplies inspectors and in-charges of the godowns were reassigned to clerical duties due to the mishandling of PDS food grain preservation. The decision was prompted by news reports highlighting the supply of spoiled rice filled with maggots to fair-price shops in the talukas.

The department acknowledged the complaints regarding spoiled food grains supplied to the shops in both talukas. Notices were issued to the in-charges of godowns, requesting explanations for the poor state of food grain preservation.

But the explanations received were unsatisfactory, leading to disciplinary proceedings against the in-charges under the CCS & CCA Rules, 1965.

An official from the department said, "We have suspended the agency for failing to maintain cleanliness at godowns and prevent pests from infesting the stocks and took disciplinary action against the inspectors."

The department has committed to implementing additional measures to improve storage practices and strengthen quality control in order to prevent such incidents from happening again. However, the government conducted a thorough investigation was conducted and refuted the claims of plastic rice being supplied.

Last year, the department faced public backlash when 241 tonnes of toor daal were found to be spoiled in warehouses. In an effort to tackle the issue, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant stated that it is important to have quality checks of food grains stored in godowns by civil supplies inspectors. 


Iddhar Udhar