04 Apr 2024  |   02:44am IST

Amidst 4 Leaders Resigning, ST Organization Resolves to Stay Neutral in LS Election

Amidst 4 Leaders Resigning, ST Organization Resolves to Stay Neutral in LS Election

Team Herald

Four members of the Scheduled Tribal Organization Mission Political Reservation for ST of Goa have resigned after heads decided to remain politically neutral in the Loksabha Election. Scheduled Tribes organizations are experiencing a huge rift over the political strategy they need to adopt in this poll season.

The Mission, established and registered in 2022 under Article 330 and Article 332 of the Constitution of India, has been actively engaged in advocating for political reservation for the Scheduled Tribe Community of Goa. Over the years, it has conducted numerous meetings with both state and central government authorities to galvanize support for this cause.

The organization's stance on political neutrality came into sharp focus recently when it opted to remain aloof from the electoral fray during the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. This decision has sparked controversy within the ST community, leading to the resignation of four prominent members.

The Mission, which officially launched its activities with a rally in Quepem on 18th June 2022, followed by subsequent events commemorating late youth leaders Dilip Velip and Manguesh Gaonkar, has been at the forefront of the struggle for political representation. Notably, it spearheaded the 'ULGULAAN' movement and organized a Morcha on the Goa Assembly premises on 5th February 2024 to push for its demands.

While the organization's efforts did yield some results, including a unanimous resolution in the Goa Assembly and a cabinet decision at the Centre to introduce the Readjustment of Representation of Scheduled Tribes in Assembly Constituencies of the State of Goa Bill, 2024, it remains dissatisfied with the outcome. The Mission insists that the government's actions fall short of its demand for the constitution of a delimitation commission before the declaration of Lok Sabha elections.

Despite the resignations of key members, the Mission reaffirms its commitment to staying neutral in the upcoming elections, allowing members of the Scheduled Tribe community to exercise their voting rights freely. It asserts that the community's dissatisfaction with the government's response remains unabated, particularly regarding the lack of transparency in the draft bill introduced by the authorities.

In light of these developments, the Mission has accepted the resignations of Rupesh Velip, Rama Kankonkar, Soiru Velip, and Dr. Satyawan Gaonkar, acknowledging their decision to step down due to personal reasons. However, it emphasizes that their departure will not deter its ongoing efforts to pursue its objectives vigorously once a new government is formed at the Centre.


Iddhar Udhar