28 May 2024  |   01:03am IST

CM Sawant Urges Vigilance Amid Rising Drowning Cases

CM Sawant Urges Vigilance Amid Rising Drowning Cases

Team Herald

In response to the recent surge in drowning incidents in Goa, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has urged citizens and parents to exercise caution when near water bodies this monsoon season. Speaking after chairing a meeting of the State Disaster Management Authority (SDMA), CM Sawant emphasized the need for preventive measures to mitigate such tragedies.

"While there are no restrictions on visiting waterfalls, it's imperative to take precautions. I urge parents to be vigilant, and I appeal to tourists to refrain from entering the sea or waterfall ponds under the influence of alcohol, as drowning incidents have been reported," stated Sawant.

He cautioned against venturing into ponds near waterfalls, highlighting the potential risks, particularly when alcohol is involved. Sawant also advised youth to avoid swimming in ponds and seas during the monsoon period.

To enhance safety measures, Sawant announced plans to deploy guards in vulnerable areas. Additionally, he disclosed that the Heat Wave Action Plan 2024 and Airport Emergency Response Plan have been put into effect.

Encouraging citizen participation in disaster preparedness, Sawant urged the public to download the Sachet Portal app, noting its low uptake since launch. He highlighted the government's initiatives, including the deployment of 400 Aapda Mitras at 11 Multipurpose cyclone shelters and collaboration with BSNL and ONGC for disaster management training and early warning systems.

In a bid to bolster pre-monsoon preparations, the government will allocate financial assistance to local bodies. Panaji Municipal Corporation will receive Rs 1 lakh, municipalities Rs 50,000, and panchayats Rs 25,000 for essential pre-monsoon works.

Furthermore, an order under Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) has been issued by District Magistrates, effective from May 26. The order mandates local police inspectors and Taluka Mamlatdars to enforce vigilance within their jurisdictions. Non-compliance could result in penal action under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and other relevant laws.


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