18 Mar 2023  |   02:09pm IST

Chaotic Siolim Market is a complete mess

Chaotic Siolim Market is a complete mess

Team Herald

Apart from its scenic beaches and cuisine, Goa is known for its locally produced fruits, vegetables and fresh catch of fish at the village markets, which attracts locals and tourists alike. However, some of these markets lack basic facilities and cry for attention, one such market being the Siolim Market. The vendors at the market sit by the roadside to sell the local produce, as they have not been allotted a proper place, this in turn causes chaos and traffic congestion and poses a risk to their lives. Local activist Digambar Sangelkar has requested the panchayat to resolve the issue by allotting places to the vendors and providing a proper parking space. 


Ahead of the elections in March 2022, Voters of Siolim had called on the next MLA to build a new fish market, a new shed for vegetable and fruit vendors, and manage traffic congestion. Without proper planning, the concerned authorities took up the work haphazardly. A year later, several letters to the Siolim Marna panchayat have not yet yielded results. Local Activist Digambar Sanglekar has also called on the locals to save Siolim from the Delhi builders.


Iddhar Udhar