05 Mar 2024  |   05:42pm IST

Goa Konkani Academy celebrates Foundation Day

Goa Konkani Academy celebrates Foundation Day

Team Herald

The Foundation Day of the Goa Konkani Academy was celebrated on Monday at the Shenoi Goembab Auditorium in Panaji. Dr. Bhushan Bhave, a notable figure in language advocacy, addressed the gathering and shed light on the various aspects where Konkani language needs attention and development.

In his speech, Dr. Bhushan Bhave emphasized the importance of fostering interest and active participation in the preservation and growth of the Konkani language. He acknowledged the unique status Konkani has achieved as a minority language, receiving unanimous support, and urged the community to take pride in this accomplishment. 

Dr. Bhave also highlighted the disparities faced by Konkani in comparison to other languages in India. Despite being a rich linguistic heritage, Konkani lacks certain privileges. He called for equal recognition and opportunities for Konkani, emphasizing the need for concerted efforts to promote and preserve the language.

Addressing the technological gap, Dr. Bhave pointed out the absence of Konkani speech-to-text software and T9 dictionaries in this digital age. He stressed the importance of investing efforts in developing and incorporating such tools to ensure Konkani's presence in the contemporary technological landscape.

The Foundation Day celebration brought together language enthusiasts, scholars, and advocates who echoed the sentiment of Dr. Bhushan Bhave, pledging their commitment to the growth and prosperity of the Konkani language.


Idhar Udhar