02 Mar 2024  |   05:46pm IST

Goa Next 2024 Atmanirbhar Bharat summit kicks off

Goa Next 2024 Atmanirbhar Bharat summit kicks off

Team Herald

The Goa Next 2024 Atmanirbhar Bharat Summit commenced with great enthusiasm and optimism at Fatorda on Saturday, March 2nd, bringing together leaders, visionaries, and stakeholders from diverse sectors. The summit aimed to explore avenues for bolstering Goa's economic landscape, promoting self-reliance, and positioning the state as a hub for innovation and enterprise.

Sujay Gupta, Group Editor of Herald Group, expressed the commitment to harness the learnings from the summit. "We ensure that the learnings from today are properly recorded and deliberated, and we have a white paper committee which is going to deliberate on all this and present a proper action plan and a white paper to the government of Goa to take Goa forward in all these areas," Gupta stated, underscoring the importance of translating discussions into tangible action.

Joy Chowdhury, Vice President of Herald Group, highlighted Goa's unique position beyond being a leisure and tourism destination. "In this global landscape of business and commerce, we reaffirm our unique position as not just a destination for leisure and tourism but also a hub for creativity, generating enterprise from traditional industries to emerging sectors like technology and renewable energy," Chowdhury emphasized, advocating for Goa's potential for investment and expansion.

Discussing the pivotal role of collaboration, D S Prashant, CEO of the Startup and IT Promotion Cell, Government of Goa, emphasized the need for industry, academia, government, and media to work together to foster new-age industries, startups, and technologies. "Startups are not an easy journey," he remarked, stressing the collective effort required for success.

Vijai Sardessai, Fatorda MLA, connected the spirit of Herald with the initiative of Goa Next. "Herald is about Goenkarponn, and it is apt to associate with the initiative that is Goa Next with Goans in the center," Sardessai declared, expressing the alignment of values between the media outlet and the summit.

Satyam Roy Chowdhury, Chairman of the Higher Education Committee of the Indian Chamber of Commerce, envisioned a future-ready Goa. "Today, I would like to envision a future-ready Goa. Goa has proved to be the best startup destination in India. Regenerative Tourism is the way forward," he declared, shedding light on the potential of Goa in pioneering sustainable and innovative practices.

The Goa Next 2024 Atmanirbhar Bharat Summit has set the stage for dynamic discussions, collaboration, and actionable plans, marking a significant step towards Goa's progressive and self-reliant future.


Iddhar Udhar