04 Apr 2024  |   02:11am IST

Goa State Commission Directive on Sensitive Case Handling and Online Content

Goa State Commission Directive on Sensitive Case Handling and Online Content

Team Herald

The Goa SCPCR has issued an urgent directive to the Director General of Police, in response to widespread media coverage of a sensitive case. The case involves a young mother with severe mental health issues, possibly including postpartum conditions, who abandoned her one-and-a-half-month-old child. This media coverage has led to the unwarranted exposure of the identities of both the child and the parents, sparking public outrage and media frenzy.


The Commission expresses deep concern over the digital footprint left by such publications, which could have long-lasting and distressing effects on the child and the family as they work to overcome this challenging period. In recognition of the paramount importance of the child's and family's long-term well-being and privacy, the Commission emphasizes the need for responsible media reporting.


"In this digital era, our actions echo. Let’s champion empathy over exposure, especially for those battling mental health challenges. Our digital footprint must protect, not harm, ensuring a compassionate space for every vulnerable mother and child."

- Peter F. Borges, Chairperson, Goa State Commission for Protection of Child Rights


Highlighting a recent development, the Commission points to the intervention by the High Court of Bombay at Goa, which has initiated suo motu contempt proceedings against officers for violations of a 2019 directive. This directive prohibits the publication of photographs or any material featuring accused individuals alongside law enforcement officers, aiming to preserve the dignity and privacy of all parties involved.


As a result, the Commission has directed the Cyber Crime Police Station to promptly review and facilitate the removal of the aforementioned digital content from cyberspace. Additionally, it calls for the implementation of enhanced protocols to prevent similar future occurrences, thereby strengthening protections for vulnerable children and their families within the community.


The Goa State Commission requests the Director General of Police to file an action taken report within 15 days of receiving this letter, underscoring the urgency and importance of this matter.


Iddhar Udhar