28 May 2024  |   12:54am IST

Goa has already suffered crores in losses due to various disasters: CM Sawant

Goa has already suffered crores in losses due to various disasters: CM Sawant

Team Herald

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has emphasized the state's readiness in the face of potential disasters as the monsoon season approaches. During a recent meeting at Mantralaya, chaired by CM Sawant, various aspects of disaster management were discussed, including the significant losses Goa has already incurred due to past disasters and accidents, amounting to crores.

Sawant urged Goans to stay informed by downloading the Sachet mobile application, which provides regular updates on disaster management during the monsoon period. The meeting, which included officials from different departments, focused on key areas such as the functionality of control rooms, identification of flood-prone zones, evacuation plans, and weather forecasting systems.

The Chief Minister meticulously reviewed the state's preparedness, particularly emphasizing the importance of efficient communication channels and response mechanisms. Special attention was given to identifying areas prone to floods and landslides, with a focus on refining evacuation strategies.

Furthermore, Sawant directed officials to expedite the desilting of drainages and water bodies across the state to mitigate the risk of waterlogging in vulnerable areas. Weather forecasting and early warning systems were also scrutinized to ensure timely responses to potential disasters.

In an effort to enhance public awareness, Sawant urged citizens to utilize the Sachet App for receiving updates, alerts, and essential information regarding weather forecasts and emergency situations.


Iddhar Udhar