28 Nov 2023  |   04:38pm IST

Goan Lawyer Joyce De Souza Elected CLP Women's Officer in London's Brent West Zone

Goan Lawyer Joyce De Souza Elected CLP Women's Officer in London's Brent West Zone

Team Herald

Joyce De Souza, a lawyer hailing from Goa, secured a significant position as the CLP Women’s Officer within the Labour Party of Brent West Zone in London. The election took place on Thursday, marking a notable achievement for the Goan community.

Joyce De Souza migrated to the UK with her husband Elvis Fernandes about five years ago and clinched the position of CLP Women's Officer for Brent West Parliamentary Constituency of the Labour Party. Simultaneously, her husband, Elvis Fernandes, a former Congress block president of Canacona Constituency, was elected as a delegate of the CLP Brent West on the same day.

The couple actively engaged in social work and community outreach, particularly with the Goan community in London, and has been making a positive impact since their relocation. Joyce's ascent to the role of CLP Women’s Officer within a year of joining the Labour Party is noteworthy. 

As the newly elected CLP Women’s Officer, Joyce will play a crucial role in liaising with local law enforcement on matters concerning women, including domestic violence, misogyny, and homophobia. Her responsibilities extend to raising awareness among women about available support and guiding them on approaches to resolving their issues.

In addition to her advocacy efforts, Joyce will organize programs in collaboration with CLP Brent West to engage women from diverse backgrounds and communities, fostering a sense of community and solidarity.

Before moving to the UK, Joyce De Souza practised law in Canacona, where she organized legal awareness programs addressing various women-related issues such as dowry, Save Girl Child initiatives, female infanticide, divorce, alimony, rape, sexual assault at workplaces, and domestic abuse.


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