02 Mar 2024  |   08:34pm IST

Gomantak Bhandari Samaj Demands 20% Reservation for Bhandari Community

Gomantak Bhandari Samaj Demands 20% Reservation for Bhandari Community

Team Herald

The Gomantak Bhandari Samaj has demanded for an exclusive 20% reservation for the Bhandari community across various sectors, including education and legislative assembly. During a press conference on Friday, the group highlighted the necessity of this reservation, emphasizing that the Bhandari community constitutes a significant proportion of the OBC population.

With the current OBC reservation standing at 27%, the proposed bifurcation seeks to accommodate 19 communities, with plans to incorporate two more. Among these communities, the Bhandari group holds a substantial demographic within the OBC category. Estimates suggest that in Goa alone, the Bhandari community comprises approximately 5-6 lakh individuals.

The Bhandari Samaj underscored the need for a 20% reservation, citing their substantial representation within the OBC populace. The proposal allocates the remaining 7% for other communities.

In addition to this demand, the Gomantak Bhandari Samaj announced the commencement of a mass awareness campaign starting from 3rd March 2024. This initiative, organized by twelve groups, aims to advocate for the rights and welfare of the OBC community across every taluka.


Iddhar Udhar