05 Mar 2024  |   05:08pm IST

ISRO identifies 48 backup points for safe return of Gaganyaan astronauts

ISRO identifies 48 backup points for safe return of Gaganyaan astronauts

Team Herald

The Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) has meticulously designated 48 backup points worldwide for the safe return and rescue of astronauts participating in the Gaganyaan mission, senior officials revealed.

While the primary plan entails landing the Gaganyaan module in the Arabian Sea, where Indian agencies are poised for rescue operations, Isro has prepared contingency measures with the identification of 48 alternative sites in international waters.

"In any mission, there is an ideal scenario and there are backup plans in case that is not achieved. For Gaganyaan mission, if everything goes by the book, we will be able to land the module in the Indian waters," shared a senior Isro official.

Due to the critical nature of human spaceflight, Isro remains vigilant, acknowledging even minor deviations that could result in the capsule landing hundreds of kilometers away. The Gaganyaan mission, a milestone in India’s space endeavors, aims to demonstrate Isro’s capability in human spaceflight by launching a crew of three members into an orbit of 400km for a three-day mission and ensuring their safe return.

Initially, Isro had selected two landing spots in Indian waters, but after considering factors like rough waters and the unpredictable nature of the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea was finalized as the primary landing site. Preceding the manned mission, Isro will conduct rigorous testing to ensure the safety of systems and the astronauts' return to Earth.

Last week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced the four astronauts selected from the Indian Air Force for the mission. These astronauts have undergone extensive training for the past five years in Russian and Indian facilities. From the four astronaut designates, three will be chosen to participate in the final mission, projected to take flight by 2025.


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