07 Jan 2024  |   05:02pm IST

International Purple Fest in Goa Aims for Inclusivity with 40 Sign Language Interpreters

International Purple Fest in Goa Aims for Inclusivity with 40 Sign Language Interpreters

In a groundbreaking move, the International Purple Fest in Goa, scheduled to commence on January 8, has pledged to enhance accessibility for individuals with hearing disabilities by incorporating 40 sign language interpreters. The initiative aligns with the festival's commitment to ensuring inclusivity and addressing challenges faced by persons with disabilities (PwDs).

Social Welfare Minister Subhash Phal Dessai emphasized the festival's core purpose of inclusivity and accessibility for all, particularly for those with hearing disabilities. The decision to involve 40 sign language interpreters was disclosed by ISLIA President Monica Punjabi, one of the event's organizers.

Punjabi highlighted the crucial role these interpreters would play in making various aspects of the festival, including panel discussions, exhibitions, bird walks, and swimming, accessible for the deaf community. This move reflects the festival's dedication to creating an environment where all attendees can actively participate and engage in diverse sessions.

As a precursor to the event, a pre-event workshop was conducted on Saturday, focusing on essential themes such as the significance of early intervention within the context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Participants delved into the unique challenges and opportunities surrounding accessibility, with a specific emphasis on the mental health and well-being of sign language interpreters from an Indian perspective.

The sessions provided valuable insights into the intersection of bilingualism, drawing from personal experiences. The International Purple Fest's proactive approach to inclusivity not only sets a commendable precedent but also reinforces the importance of addressing the diverse needs of attendees, creating an enriching experience for everyone involved.


Iddhar Udhar