26 May 2023  |   12:42pm IST

Long-standing Vasco fish market issue finally resolved

Long-standing Vasco fish market issue finally resolved

Team Herald

In a positive development, fish vendors from the Vasco market met the Chief Officer of the Mormugao Municipal Council (MMC), and the Chairperson of the MMC.The meeting aimed to address the concerns raised by the fish market vendors regarding the presence of wholesale fish vendors. x

The fish vendors expressed their appreciation for the MMC's efforts in tackling the issue of unauthorized fish vendors. Chairperson Leo Rodrigues expressed satisfaction that the long-standing issue regarding the Vasco fish market has finally been resolved.

The Vasco’s fish vendors had taken a stand on Wednesday morning and sold their fish outside the Mormugao Municipal Council (MMC) building to condemn the council’s failure to halt the unauthorised sale of fish at wholesale prices in the town. Frustrated by the council’s inaction, the vendors defiantly continued to hawk their wares outside the MMC premises, rejecting attempts by the council to seal the wholesalers’ shops and persuade the vendors to return to the temporary market premises.

The protest endured for several hours until the intervention of the police, who pledged to act against illegal roadside fish vendors and wholesalers. This assurance prompted the vendors to call off the strike and return to the market premises.


Idhar Udhar