02 Apr 2024  |   05:32pm IST

Mapusa Fire Brigade and Animal Rescuers Team Up to Save Cow Trapped in Drain

Mapusa Fire Brigade and Animal Rescuers Team Up to Save Cow Trapped in Drain

Team Herald

In a heartwarming display of community-driven efforts, authorities and animal rescues in Mapusa joined forces to rescue a stranded cow. The unfortunate incident occurred when the bovine inadvertently fell into an open gutter near the Carvalho petrol pump, owing to a damaged manhole cover. With a coordinated effort that lasted two hours, the Mapusa Fire Brigade, alongside dedicated animal activists, successfully executed a planned rescue operation, ensuring the distressed animal's safe retrieval.

Speaking to the Mapusa fire personnel he said that, upon receiving a distress call in the evening, they promptly arrived at the scene to find a cow wedged in a narrow gutter, making extraction extremely challenging. However, it wasn't easy to rescue the cow as the pit was too narrow. Fortunately, they spotted a passing JCB, which they cleverly employed to free the stuck cow. The animal was finally liberated from its precarious predicament with exemplary precision and care.

Local residents who witnessed the incident expressed their concern and urged the Mapusa municipality to take the matter seriously. The presence of open gutters poses dangers not only to innocent animals but also threatens human lives. Authorities have been urged to address this issue promptly by closing all open gutters in the vicinity to avert potential accidents in the future.

Animal rescuers expressed their heartfelt sadness at the abandonment of cows on the streets. They believed that such incidents indicate a lack of desire by some individuals to care for these animals. Instead, they urged people to hand over any unwanted cows to respective Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that specialize in animal welfare. In a recent incident, the stranded cow suffered an injury to its left leg. Fortunately, the rescue team provided the animal with first aid and subsequently transferred it to a veterinary hospital for further medical treatment.


Iddhar Udhar