11 Jun 2024  |   03:41pm IST

Margao Ravindra Bhavan faces water leakages, weeks after refurbishment

Margao Ravindra Bhavan faces water leakages, weeks after refurbishment

Team Herald

MARGAO:Just three weeks after the refurbished Pai Tiatrist hall at Ravindra Bhavan was reopened, water started leaking from the ceiling onto the stage. The canteen area too witnessed water seepage on Saturday. This appears to be a repeat of the leakage at the Kala Academy, Panjim, where the auditorium was leaking when a tiatr was going on.

When asked about the substandard work, the Chairperson of Ravindra Bhavan Margao Rajendra Talak stated that all the renovation works are completed and only a few drops of rain leakage are reported, which will be tackled soon.

“Installation of air conditioners, renovation of toilets and repairing of lights are all done. The remaining tenders are in process since the elections are over. The new works are going on. Waterproofing of all buildings, including the main auditorium top roof is completed. We are seeing that every facility is being provided and people are comfortable,” Talak stated.

The chairperson further highlighted that the media never focuses on the positive progress done in the Ravindra Bhavan, “The parking lot issue is cleared, wherein facility for entering and exiting of the vehicles is provided. Media never sheds light on such matter.”

Talak also stated that the water leakage is seen only on one part of the stage. This is because the roofing work is still in progress and now due to the rains leakage is inevitable. “Ravindra Bhavan committee and Ravindra Bhavan staff are known for prompt action” assured the Chairman.


Iddhar Udhar