15 Nov 2023  |   10:48am IST

Mother Elephant and Newborn Cub Reunite in Heartwarming Rescue Mission

Mother Elephant and Newborn Cub Reunite in Heartwarming Rescue Mission

Team Herald

In a heart-touching incident in the serene Keemale forest of Karada village, an elephant gave birth on Monday night right within the premises of a local house. The news spread through the village on Tuesday morning, drawing neighbouring villagers in droves to witness the extraordinary event.

However, the joyous occasion took an unexpected turn when the mother elephant, named Kadane, became distressed by the gathering crowd and left her newborn cub, Mariane. Concerned villagers watched as the tiny elephant was left alone.

Swift action was taken by the forest department personnel who arrived at the scene. They provided Mariane with the care she needed, including nourishment and attention, and transported her a short distance in a jeep before venturing deeper into the lush forest.

Zonal Forest Officer Devaiah expressed that it is indeed rare for a mother elephant to leave her cub, especially covering a distance of approximately 7 km. He revealed that they diligently searched the forest until the emotional reunion between Mariane and her mother was successfully orchestrated.

Local communities played a crucial role in this heartwarming event, showcasing the collective effort and concern for the well-being of these majestic creatures. The incident serves as a testament to the positive outcomes that can arise when communities and forest departments collaborate to ensure the safety and happiness of wildlife in their natural habitat.


Idhar Udhar