02 Mar 2024  |   01:42am IST

ONGC Job Fraud: Congress Leader Exposes Scam Targeting Unemployed Youth

ONGC Job Fraud: Congress Leader Exposes Scam Targeting Unemployed Youth

Team Herald

Congress leader Savio Coutinho has brought to light a job fraud involving fake job confirmation letters and joining letters allegedly issued in the name of ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited). Coutinho alleged that while Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi's visit was marked by claims of progress, the recent scam exposes the darker side of fraudulent activities thriving under the guise of promising employment opportunities.

The complaint was filed by a victim, accompanied by Congress members LalanParsekar and Loyola Rodrigues, and Mr. Coutinho himself, shedding light on the victimization of innocent individuals seeking employment. The Congress leader emphasized the larger issue of inadequate job opportunities in the state and the nation, leading vulnerable unemployed youth to fall prey to scams orchestrated by fraudsters.

Mr. Coutinho revealed that advertisements promising jobs in ONGC had enticed several Goan youths, resulting in financial losses as they deposited significant amounts into the fraudsters' accounts. One victim, Miss. Maclin Dias, lodged a complaint before the Superintendent of Police, detailing her experience of being drawn into the fraudulent recruitment process as a Data Entry Operator. Despite receiving job confirmation and joining letters with an enticing monthly salary, she became suspicious as the fraudsters demanded additional payments.

Upon contacting Mr. Coutinho, the Congress leader confirmed the scam and urged other victims to come forward, exposing the ongoing fraudulent recruitment process that persisted for nearly a month. Mr. Coutinho questioned the authorities' silence on the matter, stressing the need for public awareness to prevent more youth from falling into the trap.

Advocating for a thorough investigation, Mr. Coutinho demanded compensation for the victims who suffered financial losses due to the authorities' alleged negligence. The revelation raises concerns about the vulnerability of job seekers and the urgent need for stringent measures to combat such scams and protect the interests of the unemployed youth in the region.


Iddhar Udhar