23 Jun 2024  |   01:32am IST

Ponsachem Fest celebrated ahead of Sao Joao at Pharmacy College, Panjim

Team Herald


Ponsachem Fest was celebrated ahead of Sao Joao on 24th World Goa day by Marius Festakar and his team at Pharmacy College, Panjim.

The focus was on the jackfruit in particular but also on Goan cuisine, arts, culture, music and Goan lifestyle. The National Association for the Blind and Lok Vishwas school for differently abled also collaborated and participated in this event.

Most of the vendors and the organisers wore the traditional copel, in anticipation of Sao Joao which is celebrated with much fanfare on 24 June, and is the feast of St John the Baptist. 


Idhar Udhar