02 Apr 2024  |   05:40pm IST

Saligao Village Embraces Time-Honored Homkhand Festival Tradition

Saligao Village Embraces Time-Honored Homkhand Festival Tradition

Team Herald

Saligao, a picturesque village in Goa, celebrated the annual Homkhand festival with great enthusiasm and reverence. The festival took place on the 9th day of Holi, and the locals came together to honour their traditions and strengthen their sense of community.

The day started with prayers to the gram devtas, the village deities, as a way of seeking their blessings for a successful celebration. Following the prayers, the community joined forces to stack wood for the Homkhand fire, which acts as a central element of the festival.

Later in the day, the Romat parade commenced with a prayer gathering at Laxminarayan Mandir Muddavado. The procession then made its way to the Shri Sharvani Mandir at Salmona, where the group received further blessings from Devi Sharvani, a revered goddess. Accompanied by the beats of dhol-the drums, the Romat continued its journey to Dhonvado, making annual stops at important locations such as the Parulekar residence and Shri Vetal mandir Molebhat.

One of the highlights of the festival is the Holi coconut activity, where young and energetic individuals showcase their skills, bravery, and teamwork by removing a coconut placed on a slippery 10-meter-high tree trunk. This event attracts a lot of attention and is considered a fun-filled spectacle.

As the day progressed towards evening, the Romat proceeded to Muddavado Rashtroli Sevastan, where the flames of the burning Homkhand could be seen on the Saligao Tinto. The Homkhand firewalking ritual, a significant aspect of the festival, began around 9:30 pm. Participants walk across the burning embers, symbolising their faith and devotion.

The Homkhand festival in Saligao is a day full of enjoyment and a display of the community's adherence to its cultural heritage. The festival not only strengthens the bond among the villagers but also keeps alive the spirit of tradition and camaraderie that defines Saligao's identity.


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