15 May 2024  |   08:52pm IST

South Goa Zilla Panchayat discusses various pivotal matters in its monthly ordinary meeting

South Goa Zilla Panchayat discusses various pivotal matters in its monthly ordinary meeting

Team Herald

South Goa Zilla Panchayat convened its monthly ordinary meeting on Wednesday at the Zilla Panchayat office, addressing various pivotal matters concerning the region's development. Among the key agendas, the meeting highlighted the problems faced by the cashew owners as this year the yield is predominantly less, cancellation of ration card and Quepem sports complex

The meeting which was supposed to be held once every two months was delayed due to elections. The meeting commenced with the agenda of the monthly expenditure with every member giving stating their points. A panch member of Kavlem raised an issue faced by people with the Adpai-Rassaim ferry service. He requested to increase the ferry as more people are dependent on this service.

With regards to the ration card, South Goa ZP Chairperson, Suvarna Tendulkar highlighted that when the members were conducting a survey going village to village, they found that if anyone doesn’t take their monthly ration then their card gets debarred and if it gets cancelled then other documents linked to ration card will also be cancelled. Since the ration card is an essential document, the member decided to take some measures and to bring some changes to the procedure. Not only ration cards but while making a Krishi card, people face many problems which the Chairperson assured to take action. 

Furthermore, Quepem sports complex which is used for all other activities except for playing will be made sure that only sports activity is taking place. Recently election activities were held at the complex and in the future all other activities will be shifted to another place, allowing children and students to play sports. 

Lastly, the member highlighted the plight of the cashew farmers who have incurred a massive loss as this year accounted for low yield. They requested the chairperson to issue a letter to the government regarding a support price to be given to the farmers.


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